AU ~ A Puppets Soul

AU ~ A Puppets Soul

In a world there is a killer his name is purple guy. Lets see what happens when the yu boys and yu girls get killed by said killer but then get reincarnated by the Martinets son, Pip. (Yu girls are Yuki, Yusi, Yuli, and Yumi) Btw there will be some story before they get killed. Yuto might be a bit insane after awhile...I SO SORRY MY MOON BOY (Yugioh arc v and FNAF crossover)

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 ~ Yuto's Working Were!?

"You're working where!?" asked Yumi. "I'm working at that pizzeria, Freddy Fazbears pizzeria, actually. "Why!? Havent you heard the legend?" asked Yumi. "Yeah! Yuto, there's been murders there, from the anamatronics and humans!" said Ruri. "I don't think you should go Yuto." said Shun. "Oh come on! Not you too? I'm going to be fine, I promise, ok?" "Ok.. If you say so. But, if you come back with scratches or you start acting weird, I will drag you out of the pizzeria, got it?" said Yumi. "Ok, fine. Just stop freaking out."
As I walked in to the pizzeria the last staff member was leaving for the night. Right now I was walking to the office, and it was currently 11:58 PM. My shift was about to start, once I got into the room the clock had just hit 12:00 AM. Then the phone started to ring as I listened to the phone I watched the cameras. I wasn't using very much power though, I wasn't really scared in all honesty. "What the.." as I said that the anamatronic, Chica, was trying to get in. But she seemed curious. "Hi.. I'm Yuto." I said calmly. "H-hi, I'm Chica. You're not scared of me?" "No, its not like you've attacked me or anything, but why are you scared? I'm not going to call anyone or leave." "Well-" "CHICA I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO NEAR THE BOY!" "Bonnie he's nice!" "What?!" said who I assumed was Bonnie. Then I saw the bunny theme anamatronic walk out of the hall way, but that's when I noticed they.. Looked like normal humans.. Except for the fact Bonnie had bunny ears on his head. "Hi.." I said quietly. "My names Yuto, Moon Yuto." as I said that bonnie was just starring at me, but then he said this. "Hi.. So Chica says you're nice? Mm I guess you haven't shut the doors on us so I suppose you're nice.. So far.." Then a heard a loud bang, and then a voice. "Bonnie! CHICA! Get over here now!" "Kay coming, bye boy.. Er Yuto." "Bye bye Yuto!" "Bye." as I watched them disappeared in the hall way I sat back down.. I looked at the clock.. 5: 58. Mm my shifts almost over. 
As I walked back home I wondered about what in the world had just happened. But I didn't really wanna think about.. Cause I am tired and I have a feeling Yumi would be here tomorrow. Extremely early tomorrow ever thought I told her I was working form 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM. As I walked up to my house I noticed the fact the lights where on, but I thought I turned them off.. Once I got into my house I was about to walk into my room until.. "YUTO!!!" "What the-Yumi! Do you know what time it is?!" "Um.. 6:15.. But why did you just get home?" "Its called my shift is from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM! I just got off work 15 minutes ago! So we can talk later not right now!" "Why?" "Because I would like to sleep!" "Ok ok, bye Yuto!" "Bye Yumi."
As I finally lay down in my bed, after I had changed of course I just putted on a black t- shirt and wore regular black pj pants. I wonder why every one was so worried about me working at the pizzeria, yeah I had heard about the stories. But that was a long time ago. Not just that, I strangely felt ok there.. I am so tired *yawn*
???? POV
As I walked though the ally all I could wonder was what my masters next plan was. All I knew was that he was going to go on a killing spree soon, but he also mentioned a boy he wanted to get on our side. Apparently he was a demon, but didn't know he was one as I followed him to his home I noticed how well he walked though the dark. Once he got to his house I hid, all I saw of him was two silver eyes.
"Master," I said to him. "I found out where he lives, and where he works." "Good, that's all I needed. You can go." "Yes, master." as I walked down the dark hallways to the dark out side I read my watch. 6:40 AM. A new game has just begun.

A/N: Thank you all who got here! But tell me what you think, plz this is going to have alot of Yuto and first pov and 3rd pov some times too, but thank you all for reading so far!!~~Silver Moon
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