Olympian Gods play Pokemon GO!

What's a good way to start a fuse within the Olympian Gods? The huge phenomenon of Pokémon GO! So what truly does happen when old Gods try new technology?

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Chapter 1.

Starting up - Already feuds?

Zeus: So this is the game?

Aphrodite: Oh wait I recognise this! Some of my children were all over this game!

Hephaestus: Leo was, too. He used to make jokes about all the fire ones.

Artemis: Didn't that offend you?

Hephaestus: Nope, they were actually funny. But that's Leo for you.

Dionysus: That's not the Professor I remember!

Poseidon: What? So he isn't the actual guide?

Athena: He is in this. I guess it was a different person in old games?

Dionysus: Sure was.

Apollo: Three starters?!

Artemis: Uh, no, idiot. Can't you see it tells you to choose only one?

Dionysus: Did you guys also hear about Sun and Moon coming out?

Artemis: There are going to be games after what Apollo and I control?

Hermes: Companies must make a fortune from this franchise.

Athena: I bet more than Nintendo.

Apollo: Yeah, right. Nintendo's got Mario! You can't beat him!

Artemis: Pokémon can. And it has. This game is all the proof you need.

Dionysus: Cute little Squirtle, get here!

Hermes: Go play with your Squirtle Dionysus, I have a Pikachu here.

Zeus: NO WAY!

Poseidon: How did you?!

Athena: Just walk away a few times and Pikachu should appear.

Demeter: She's right! I just got one!

Ares: Nah, nothing can beat good old Charmander!

Hera: I just want an Eevee, that thing I adorable, I want to hug one!

Artemis: Umbreon's the best evolution, no lie.

Zeus: Nope, Jolteon!

Artemis: Just because it shoots electricity? Typical father.

Apollo: She roasted you there! XD

Zeus: I'm still standing by that!

Poseidon: I wonder if Vaporeon's in this.

Zeus: Well if Jolteon is, then surely Vaporeon is.

Hera: We should make a competition out of this.

Aphrodite: Ooh, sounds good!

Apollo: I'm game, what's the comp?

Hera: Simple. We each pick a Pokémon to nurture and power up, and we'll see who's the strongest in a Gym.

Zeus: Don't we need to pick teams, though?

Artemis: No doubt the team I pick, my Hunters will pick it too.

Hephaestus: They're just suck-ups, Artemis.

Artemis: Take that back!

Hephaestus: We'll settle this in the Gym.

Artemis: I agree, game on!

Dionysus: Jeez, you two are at it like a cat and dog.
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Comments (10)

Athena is definitely Mystic, and Ares is Valor, Posedion is Mystic because he likes the blue, and Zeus picks Instinct because of the yellow. Hera would choose Instinct because of Zeus, and Apollo would too because I think he fits the description. I'm not sure about the rest, just I knew these ones for sure
on September 22, 2016
Athena fits Mystic pretty well, with the cool-calm-collected-brainiacs thing.

Hermes might be Instinct, who believe in being spontaneous and having fun.
on September 15, 2016
on September 14, 2016
harry potters play pokemon go
on September 14, 2016
You should do another one of this.. If this was a series I would never be bored EVER AGAIN! Also you should try avengers play Pokemon GO and minecraft plays Pokemon GO thanks for reading this -lapis
I've given permission to @Wolfhumanlover to do an Avenger's version, so check hers out when it comes out. She should be crediting me for allowing her to.
on September 14, 2016
on September 14, 2016
Cool story! Great idea!
on September 14, 2016
Can I do an Avengers play pokemon go?
Go for it! Be sure to credit me for the idea though
I will but after school k
on September 14, 2016
on September 14, 2016
on September 14, 2016