My days at school

documenting the weird sh*t that happens here at this weird a*s school.

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Day 1 of documentation

Today was chill I was at school for a little bit got picked up to go get my foot looked at. I missed first lunch sadly cuz i lowkey skip everyday and go to both of the lunches. Anyways my boyfriend kept asking where i was and then everyone was lookin for me like damn b*tch let me b. so then i had a chill while and then i got into a fight with gage. like now im blocking his as*. I was on snap for a while but then i got bored and left it alone but other than that ive had a good day. Oh and the princpile keep snitching and saying im not in class like b*tch shut ur a*s up bro no one cares there aint no need to snitch on me i dont f*ck with u so u dont f*ck with me
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