Black Roses Beginning (Continued)

This is a continued version of Black Roses story. To sum up, Jordan, the main character, has become a Creepypasta, killed her parents, and likes Jeff the Killer. Have fun reading... Also, there are some characters not in here. That is okay! I didn't know of them. I'll try to insert them in soon! (This is going to be a long series, and own no Creepypasta except for Black Rose.)

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Chapter 1.

The New Old

When she had learned how to walk without looking like a idiot, she went outside. Everyone was asking her questions, one of them being what her name was she replied, "Black Rose. I think it suits me." Everyone agreed. At about 7:00 Jeff and Black Rose set out for he former home. She was 16 when she was kidnapped, so she still had a phone. She asked for Slendermans number, but he never answered. When he picked up, she asked, "Can I use my piece of land now?" "Who? Who's the victim?" My former best friend." "Be my guest."
She hung up. After raiding the house, she raced back to the house. It was 9:00, and she had learned that it was always night in the Forest. She knocked her friend out, and dropped her on the other side of the 20-foot barbed wire fence. She went on the other side on of the land, and let the fun begin. Slenderman took this as a chance to assess Black Rose's stealth. "Good luck, Jord- Black Rose! I'll guard the door!" 'The door' was the door that let the Creepypastas in the forest. Everyone was in their part of the Forest, just in case Black Rose couldn't kill her. "Hello? Where is everyone?" Hoodie smiled. "Don't worry. Think of it of your last tie." She nodded, but she had doubt, becuase Laura was frail. She might give in.
Slenderman was to come in and scare them, and Black Rose finished the job. "Laura!" She called. "Jordan!" Laura sounded scared. "Slenderman is here! We need to get out! Meet me at my side!" She screamed. Black Rose ran to her. It took a while, but not too long. Her side of the Forest was small. "Laura!" Slenderman was almost at Laura, and was going to attack. "Run!" Black Rose screamed.
"Get to the other side of the fence, I'll watch him." Laura nodded and ran. Black Rose turned toward Slenderman, and nodded. She knew what he meant. Laura would be dead with ten minutes of reaching the fence. When the reached each other, Hoodie looked creepy. "Laura, I have a confession." Laura relaxed. "My friends, join me!" All the of the Creepypastas met up at her position, ready.
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