FNoMM Phone Calls

Today, we have to make Tommy's phone calls from FNOMM. And Bustbertha as always.

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Chapter 1.

Night 1: Welcome!

Uh, hey! So, welcome to Seth's Burger and Pizza Galore Joint! I wanted to record a message for you to help you survive the night. I actually not working as a nightguard, I am working as a chef. My name is Tommy and I will be your guide today. We had 6 new animatronics such as Seth, Ludomir, Arthur, Andrew, Radomira and Daliaborka and 3 old animatronics such as Cyrus Badjaw, Finn and Cynthia. Seth is a Shiba Inu and Ludomir is an Eurasian lynx and they are active. Seth is presumably my favorite character all the time. He does silly things that make me laugh so hard. Seth seems to be seen to distract you. He will stand in some places and even block two cameras in some of his poses. Eventually Seth will come to your office and appear in the window. To get rid of it, you need to use a smoke machine near your office. If not, Seth will appear at your left door. Close the left door if you see him in the left blind spot. Ludomir is also my favorite character all time. He look so handsome through, let's start his behaviour. Ludomir is very fast and quickly changes location, trying to make you angry. Ludomir will try to enter the rooms where there are entrances to the ventilation shafts, and this is a laser pointer. This is a minor mechanic used to distract Ludomir from entering the vents, like a cat attracted by a laser pointer. They have no power cap, but they deactivate if Ludomir leaves the room they are directed to. Ludomir will enter the ventilation and start moving towards your office if you are not using a laser pointer. Ludomir will not come out of the ventilation openings and must be blocked. When Ludomir gets to your office, you must block the ceiling entrance to the office from him, and this confuses him and forces him to retreat. Let's start the mechanics. This is your camera that is used to view animatronics. An alternate map button is displayed to view the vents. The buttons are visible for switching on the ventilation and smoke exhaust locks. Air Ventilation is a series of ventilation shafts located on the map and some animatronics will enter your office. If one vent is blocked, a four-bar counter will appear showing how long it will stay blocked, and if two are blocked, the panel will degrade slightly faster. The bar can be recharged, but all locks must be opened to recharge. If the bar collapses completely, all locks will suddenly open. The smoke machine is a machine located outside of your office and can be activated using a button on the wall. It is used to scare off animatronics. There are two doors visible in your office, one on the left and the other on the right. Three buttons are found next to each door: a light button to illuminate the doorway to see who is there, a lock button to lock it, and another button to close the window next to it. The window seals have no capacity limitation, but when the door is closed, a strip similar to the ventilation blocking strip appears. If one is blocked it will degrade slowly, and if the other is blocked it will run faster. That's all for tonight, close the doors, use smoke machine to ward Seth, use the camera and don't forget to use laser pointer. Anyways, good night and good luck!
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