dmaein x me!

dmaein x me!

this is my story abt me and damien x3 its like a diaery iys my dairey okay okayyy

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the story

the story

hai guyz! damein aksed me out to go to the canadian movie thing o.o i said yes obvi he my bf!!! it would be my firat movie with swearz tho ;p im gonna have da songs stuck in my head allll day!! welll anyways guys i gotta get dressed for my date!!!!!!!!!!!!
the mobvie was soooooo good! uncle fuka XD i got reaaaal close to kissin damen but i didt o.o i just ate my popcon. it waz tasty tho!! lunchie munchies mm XD well I'm gonna make crumpets now ttyl!
school happned again today o.o cartman called my french. I'M NOT FRENCH!!!! IM BRIDDISH LONDONSIH!! dont worry damen called him a fattassss and sent him tw0 hell XD i love damien even though he keepes syaing he wants my meat 0.0 idk wat dat mean. i hope i can provide for my emo goth bf!!!1!!
damein dressed up as n e-boy lol XD i love him so much :DDDDD mayhbe this weekend we can walk thru hell together,,,, idk a boy can dream 3: i made a special tea for him XD it;s called hell fire because my satan bf is from hell X) i met his dad he's super evel but he likes me!!!!! yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
it's hump dae!!!! that means there was a huge orgy is da halls today o.o damein and i didnt do it tho :))) we want our first time t2 be speciL. i have to prpar fo his magnum dong :)))))))
cartmans was back at skool again :( he slammed down my lunchie munchies and now im crying in da baffrom. damein is cursing him rn tho so yayyy!!!! i love damein owo he's so good 2 me X3
TOMORROW ME AND DAMEIN GO TO HELL AGAIN!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITE !!!!! I love walking through da eternal flames wiff him x3 uit makes me feel suuuu happy!! also cartman was turned inside out when i was at scool so thats so epic!!!!!!
i'M BACK FROM MAH DATE!!!! it was so amazin!! we walked thru hell and damen kissed me!!! i was blushing suuuu hard. then we dropped down and started sexing o.o he said i wasnt bad for maH FIRST time!!!!!! i loveee damien im so glad i pleased him :))) also his magnum dong wass so large omg. well bye guys!!!!!
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