Mystic Messenger - X readers

There is not enough mystic messenger things on here, So im gonna make x readers for anyone who likes this game. Feel free to leave requests! I am always looking for more to do!

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Mystic Messenger - X readers
Yoosung x Reader

Yoosung x Reader

-(This will take place at Yoosung's collage, that you are also attending.)-

        It was an early Monday morning, you had just been awoken by the annoying buzzing sound of your alarm clock. You turned over onto your side and hit the small button the top to get the annoying sound to stop, as you did so your bf walked into the room still half asleep. "Oh! Did I wake you, Yoosung?" You said feeling bad since he did not have any classes till later in the day. "Nah (Y/N), I was getting up to make you breakfast" he said as a pale blush formed on his face. He really liked making you food to show off how much he had been improving with his cooking. You would always absolutely love what he made you, even if it did not taste the best. As Yoosung made his way to the small kitchen in your small apartment you begin getting ready for the day.

        As you hear things being sliced and diced in the kitchen, you started to get undressed for your shower. The water was warm and felt nice on your skin, very refreshing, a great way to wake up. About 5 minutes into the shower you hear a knock on the bathroom door, "(Y/N), I just finished making your breakfast.". "Alright Yoosung, im almost done!" You say with a smile as you turn off the water and wrap yourself in a towel. You open the door and peck his lips before closing the door again to get dressed. He turns a light shade of red and walks back to the kitchen setting his freshly cooked food and the cup of juice on the table. You finish getting dressed and walk out to the table smiling.

        You sit down and start humming your favorite song, Yoosung joins in as he sits down. You giggle a bit and take a sip of your juice and look at what he made this morning for breakfast. It seemed to be eggs but with peppers and tomatoes scattered on top, This was new but you already know that when Yoosung made eggs they tasted great! "Thank you for breakfast Yoosunggg~" You thank him and continue to eat the food he had made. "No, Thank you (Y/N) for letting me cook for you!!"
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