Crystal the cat life story

Hello! I was bored thought up this story. Couldn't get it out of my head and I was like hey how bout I just put it on Qfeast! X3

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Chapter 1.

My life in a crown read it right..I was royalty...but I hated father is was hated...abusive, rude, cocky, so full of himself, mean, and alcoholic....that time I SWORE to myself that I NEVER get a drop of alcohol on my lips because of my mother, haha I loved her like she was the only thing made me life put of the castle was fine....very few picked on me very few didn't know about me even though everyone knows me since....royalty...but they didn't know...about my father..I was like
Elsa with her powers...I was Elsa and my father was her powers..but they never knew. One day I was going to get my mother...but she wasn't....she wasn't in her dorm! I freaked...snapped...broke...fell to my knees..she was ALWAYS in her get away from her husband..I only go in there my father is usually in the kitchen...I fell to my knees but I didn't cry..I never cried...well I used to but then I stopped...I just stopped, got up and walked away ignoring HIS words...just become completely numb about it...all the hits, punches, kicks, slaps....all just went away in a blur...I didn't feel pain...never did that day....but even though I never  cut..I was so afraid of giving pain to myself...thought I was going to turn into HIM...never let a blade touch my flesh...I freaked everytime my father has a blade in his hands. I'd shake, eyes all wide..until he put it day...I couldn't take all of ran
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