Hitting the heart hard

None of the characters belong to me Except Nessa, Bliss, and Midnight. They ARE NOT CANNON! They are just characters that I thought of designed and loved. Anyway, this story is about Nessa, Midnight, and Bliss. they are 13 when this story takes place. Unless otherwise stated.

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Hitting the heart hard
Chapter 1.
Begone! (Nessa's family)

Begone! (Nessa's family)

Hi, I'm Nessa! I live with my big brother Papyrus and, My slightly older brother Blueberry! I love them so much! Papyrus takes care of me and blue. The 2 like to make a mess. I'm stuck cleaning it up. I don't mind it though! I love them too much to get upset over it. Now he's 13 I'm 11, and paps... I don't actually know his age anymore. But I love living here! I introduced Blue to Alphys. I thought I should surprise him so I did. I wanted to be a good little sister. One day I came home from school and Blue was sobbing. I ran up to him and hugged him "Bro? are you ok? You're making me worried" He looked at me then...he...slapped me. "GET OUT OUT THIS HOME! DEMONS LIKE YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!" he screamed at me. I didn't know how to respond. "GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!" He demanded. Now I was a smart person. So I walked out the door then came back in...almost. He locked the door and I didn't have a key to unlock it. I sighed. I began to walk around Snowdin to look for someone to ask for help when a hole in the ground appeared out of nowhere and I fell in. When I landed everything was white except for 2 figures in the distance. They...they were humans like me. I went to walk towards them but one turned around and the next thing I knew I Blacked out.
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