Underswap - Return of the Fox

Underswap - Return of the Fox

It seems all of our personalities have swapped with our counterparts and life in the underground just got swapped. enjoy

published on May 26, 201718 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Trail of an assassin

I drop into the underground and look at the trail of blood that the assassin left behind. "Excellent." I said then I Stood up and the underground wind blew on my fur and I took a deep breath and followed the trail of blood and then I hear footsteps behind me and I turn to see who it is and I see a Goat wearing a purple dress and the goat asks "Amaze? You have returned? Why?". I look at the goat and say "Asgore, I'm not here to chit chat with a coward like you. I'm here to kill an assassin.".
Asgore looks down and says "Well i'm not gonna stop you if that's your choice.". I narrowed my eyes and said "That's what I thought I'd hear from a coward like you." then I continued on the trail of the assassin and soon I was in snowden.
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