BR: The Marriage (#9)

EJ proposed to Black Rose, and they will get married, but Offendy starts to leave everyone alone, and that's good. Right? Rose and EJ love each other, but will friends keep them apart? Thank you for all the support! Yay! Btw: sorry about skipping in chapter 4. I'm too lazy to look up the parts of a wedding

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Chapter 1.

Rose and EJ

EJ put Rose down, and Rose breathed. "Jack..." EJ held her close. "I love you, Black Rose. No matter what. Don't ever put yourself in danger. For me, please." Rose giggled. "I'll try." EJ smiled, and kissed her. "Good girl." Rose smiled. "Good?" EJ chuckled. "True." He fell asleep. Rose nodded, and kissed him. She fell asleep.
When Rose woke up, EJ was still asleep. He hadn't woken up in a while. She was halfway through getting dressed, and EJ woke up. She had her whole jumpsuit almost zipped up, but her chest was still showing. She quickly zipped it up. EJ smiled. "Saw that." She scoffed. "And? It's too late to blush." EJ smiled. He got up. She gasped. He was sweating. He laughed. "Yeah. A night will do that to you!" Rose blushed. "You blush? I found your weak spot!" Rose climbed on the bed. "Or have you?" EJ chuckled.
"Yeah. I did." She closed her eyes while EJ got dressed. When she opened her eyes, EJ hadn't put his jacket on. She giggled softly. EJ turned. "Huh?" He jumped on the bed. "Oh. This?" She grabbed his jacket and threw it on. "Darn it, EJ! Wait... When we get married, does that mean I'm Black Jack. Or Eyeless Rose?" EJ laughed, and slipped on the jacket. "No. Stay Black Rose. I like it." Rose kissed him.
He pulled away. "Come on." He held he hand, and led her outside. Everyone was acting normal, and Sally came up to her with flowers. "Yay!" Rose took them. "Thank you!" She knelt next to Sally. "Who?" Sally pointed to Slenderman. "Slendy." Rose looked at him. "Thanks!" Slendy walked away. EJ held her. "Don't take it personal. He usually hates these things." Rose there were gorgeous. There was a note. "It's on March 29, and is at 12:00 pm. I guess it's our wedding day?" Jane came over. "Yep!"
Sally looked up. "It's the 20th!" Jane gasped. "Slendy!" She yelled. "Really!" All Slendy did was wave from his room. Jane laughed. "Well we have to get you a dress. EJ, go ask Jeff and Masky to help you look for something. Come, on Rose, let's get Broken. We need to go steal a dress." Rose ran to Broken.
Jane was about to knock on the door, but stopped. "Shh." She put her ear to the door. Broken gasped. "Toby, I have to go." Toby asked, "One more kiss?" Broken said nothing, and then walked toward the door. Jane ran and Rose looked like she was about to knock on the door. "Broken! We were about to ask you something!" She looked at Toby. "Hai!" Toby fixed his mask. "Hi!"
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