fanfics for lily because her phone broke

fanfics for lily because her phone broke

:)) I’m deleting this in a week so like ahahaha 🥴🔫 if you like this shit just comment lmao

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Chapter 1.

Akari and Budo + Chika and Taro.

A certain bowl cut male sat down on the fountain reading his book, as his girlfriend approached, Her twin braids bouncing with every step. Her pink, glossy lips greeted his with a small kiss.
“ Good Morning Taro.” She gave a small smile, her blue eyes sparkling to show the smile she gave was real.
Taro felt his cheeks heat up being greeted by his girlfriend in such a way, even after being together for quite awhile, three months to be exact.
“ C-Chika! How many times have I told you I don’t like PDA?” His face slowly returned back to its normal pale color as his body relaxed.
“ About a dozen, but I’m still gonna kiss you. It’s a sign of my LOVE! “
He let out a small whine, averting eye contact, which was a big mistake.
Chika tackling him with kisses, causing the both of them to fall into the fountain. Drenching them from head to toe in the water, and whatever else liquid the students poured in there.
“ ...Chika...that hurt.”
“ I’m sorry Yamada-Kun, but you just looked so cute it was hard to NOT tackle you.”
Those words made him blush again.
“ C’mon, just one kiss. That’s it, okay? “
“ Fine..”
and with that the couple shared a small kiss

~ Fin

“ You sure do eat a lot..” The Martial Arts Club leader chuckled as his midget of a girlfriend inhaled basically everything in sight.
She turned over to glare at him, making the black head sweat drop and bow his head “ S-Sorry Akari.”
Having seen that what she did had frightened the young male she had went back to eating, a small smirk on her face as she did.

For some reason or another it was like Budo was always scared of her, She already loosen up around him and he’s the best thing that ever happened to her.
“ You know you don’t have to be scared right?” Akari shrugged as she continued to push Sushi into her mouth
The male whose eyes matched his hair looked up.
Causing Akari to stop eating, “ It makes me..feel upset that you’re afraid of me, just because I murder people doesn’t mean you have to be scared- I kinda does because who wouldn’t..? But just calm down.” Then she resumed to eat before being pulled into a hug by her much taller boyfriend

“ I’m not scared of you, I just don’t wanna make you upset. Because it pains me seeing you anything but happy. I love you way too much to see you in fear, sadness, anger, anything like that. “

Akari slightly felt a smile bring its way to her face as she cuddled into his chest. “ You want to watch Deadpool?”
Budo let out a wholehearted laugh.
“ Haven’t we already watched that 57 times?”
Akari felt heat radiating off her cheeks
“ Shut up! I like the movie!”
“ More like obsessed..”
“ Shut up!”
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