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A short story that I am still working on hope you like it. It’s somewhat like my first story.

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Chapter 1.

The morph

Have you ever heard of creepy pastas. Well I’m one, but I’m also a anishifter meaning I can shape shift into animals, the main animals I shift into is a fox and a wolf for both their cunning, smarts and strength. How about I take you to the beginning so you understand what and who I am.

        My name is Ruby Davis I am 13 years old I live in Dallas, Texas, I have two sisters, a mom, a dad and 14 pets; 4 ducks, 8 chickens, a German Shepard named Zeus and a Flame point Siamese  named Jeffery. As long as I remember I have been able to turn into animals, one day I accidentally broke a  rhino size hole in the wall because I well.. turned into a rhino, of course our neighbors got nosy and asked what happened and my parents couldn’t even explain what happened so one day, when I was 9 years old my parents took me to a scientist to get answers,

        ” She is called a anishifter meaning she can change into any animal but she needs to choose two animals or else she will get really sick and possibly not recover. So Ruby what animals would you like to be your main shifts?”

        I thought and thought mainly about their strengths like gorillas are super strong and clever,  but also speed and agility but after awhile of thinking and hearing my name I found out what I wanted to be,
        ” I want to be a wolf for their strength and a fox for smarts and swiftness.”

        Then they looked at me like I was crazy,
        “Are you sure you don’t want a gorilla or a rhino, cause most wolves are hunted and so are foxes, so if you were to transform in front of someone or near someone and they spot you they may try to... kill you.”

I just nodded my head excepting what might happen, knowing its a risky decision.
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