sora's revenge!

blueberry has stolen Kairi from him and now they!? sora can't stand this! Kairi is sora's girl and only sora's girl! he needs to get Kairi back! but how?

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Chapter 1.
chapter 1 "the meeting"

chapter 1 "the meeting"

        It was a typical day on destiny islands. Kairi was on the papu fruit tree with sora, and Riku was in the waterfall's pool to cool off. Sora left after a while to do something, and so did Riku leaving Kairi all alone, but that was fine because she was eating a papu fruit.thinking...trying to remember her past when suddenly *pop* "where am I?" the skeleton pondered. He walked around on the island trying to find someone he could happen ask where he was. in the distance he saw a girl sitting on a tree, he called to them "hello human!" he called. Kairi turned towards whoever called to her. "oh uh hi there I'm Kairi! what's your name?" Kairi asked happily. "mweh heh heh I'm a the great sans but you can call me blueberry human!" blueberry responded they began to hang out and they bonded they were good friends. sora is fine with blueberry as long as he treats Kairi good or sora will kill blueberry
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