Hi I'm Hedgy. My words are really effective. Since I do, I am going on an adventure.

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Chapter 1.

His normal life

I wanted to explore you know, like a normal hedgehog. I went to a city. "This looks neat" I said walking down the road causing traffic. I went in a building. Then I saw a computer. Once again, looked neat. I wanted to touch it. I climbed all the way up to get it. Then I liked touching it. I touched it too much I went inside the computer! "What is this place a futuristic jungle? Hmmmmmmm" I said. As I crawled around I really wanted to go out.

I checked of any exits. No sign of them. I crawled more. I looked around. I looked up really high that I stranded up. I saw an opening. "Aha!" I said. "If I could switch the gravity I can get up there!". I saw a tree. It looked really weird. I crawled to it. I found a device! I pressed a button. "WHOOOOOOAAAAA!" I said while getting in the exit. Instead I got out. The whole place got out. "WHAT WAS THAT?" one man said. I hid against a tree. The road  looked like its doubled. It was.

I jogged across the road. I did not expect that. I saw a ladder on a building. I saw a pogo stick. Ok...I'm really bananas. I used the pogo stick to climb the ladder since I was to small. I did it carefully. "Oh why do I feel nuts today" I said while jumping up. When I got up I slipped. I went in a garbage can to see what's going on. "THEN WHAT IF WE DONT KNOW THE OWNER! You know what. Let's just take them to the zoo and keep them there." The boss of the zoo said. "B-but..." "SHUT UP AND FIND LOST ANIMALS!". I know I was so in trouble. As always it smelled bad.
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Dang it some of the grammar.
on November 02, 2016