The Secret Cave

The Secret Cave

Its a girl named Miosa that needed to left everything behind beacause her mother forgot to tell their moving. She starts at a new school that ended up bad but it might being a good thing?

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Chapter 1.

Goodbye Home

*wakes up of a big sound*
*looks around*
Me : Hmmm...
*Gets out of bed and gets clothed*
*walks down stairs*
Mom : Oh.. did i wake you? Im really sorry.
Me : What was that sound?
Mom : I lost my suitcase on the ground.
Me : Suitcase?
Mom : Yes, suitcase. Whats wrong?
Me : Why do you need a suitcase?
Mom : Cause were leaving today.
Me : WHAT!?
Mom : Where moving to the new house i told you...wait..did i forget to tell you?
Me : You never told me anything about moving!
Mom : Oh im sorry darling.
Me : But when we leave?
Mom : In 1 hour.
Me : Where is my suitcase then?
Mom : I put it on the table in the living room.
Me : What about my friend? Do i have time to say bye?
Mom : Yes, on the phone. But remember to pack.
Me : Yeah sure, wheres the phone?
Mom : Over there.
*walks to the phone*
Mom : I go get the car ready
* calls Malods *
Malods : Hello?
Me : Hi!
Melods : Hi, Miosa! Wazzup.
Me : Im just wanna tell you im moving today so i wont see you today.
Melods : WAIT WHAT!? Did your mom again forget to tell you something again?
Me : You now my mom, forgets everything inportent.
Melods : I can still call you right?
Me : Ofcourse!
Me : Well i need to hurry so bye!
Melods : Bye!
* runs to the living room and starts to pack *


Mom : Come in the car!
* runs to the car and sits down *

* looks trough the window driving *
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Comments (1)

This story is good, it kinda sounds like a play.
on August 07, 2015