The forgotten packs

The forgotten packs

3 packs, one who dwells in the darkness, another who thrives in the light of day and one that swims like a fish. Moon Pack, Dawn Pack, and Minnow Pack, these packs are rivals, with hackles raised and teeth bared, every pack is protective of their rightful borders. Come, and discover the life of these packs, who long ago, were forgotten for there constant battles.

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Chapter 1.


In the mist of a forest dappled with lights, 3 wolves emerged, each with the same lights decorating their coats that looked like soft silk under the moon's beam of gentle light. "Snow, what is going on in your pack... I suppose it's going well?", a teasing undertone lay in the blunt question. "Of course, why wouldn't it be Hawk?", a growl is the response the dark furred canine receives. "nothing, nothing, it's just a shame that I cant lead my pack for future moons, they would've thrived a lot more than now", Hawk
responded coolly earning a soft growl from the wolf that has yet to utter a word. "It's a loss that greatly impacted my pack, really, I mean I was wonderful..", he said cockily.

"Don't get ahead of yourself Hawk, we all now how you died and it was because of that arrogance you carry around like a prize", the multicolored wolf snarled. "Ah, thanks for speaking up Reed, I needed smart support with this imbecile", Snow let out a hearty chuckle. "Yes, yes, smart minds think alike, especially against cocky arrogant wolves like so", Reed joined on the innocent teasing. "Shut up.... you guys are no fun", Hawk pouted before regaining a serious expression. "Although, the packs are not doing so well, my pack's leader is not doing such a great job especially with that unforgiving temper he has developed ever since his mate died, along with his pups", Hawk murmured thoughtfully.
The 2 other wolves looked away, their gazes not meeting each others as they thought of their current pack leaders, none were taking the time to actually think of their pack and remained high on a power craze. They let out a sigh before Snow spoke once more. "I think we should rest, we will meet again in a moon, I will give news of any improvement or delays, I say same with you two?", she said. "Yes, we will, we look forward to meeting once more Snow, may Mother Wolf be with you all", Reed spoke for himself and the wolf next to him. "Yes, see you next moon, until then my friends....", Hawk said.
Hawk was the first to leave, his figure engulfed by the mist as he heads to his territory side of the sky, Reed leaves after him leaving Snow next to pond that they always met at. " I hope times improve", she murmured glancing back one last time before, she too, disappeared onto her side, soft paw steps fading into nothing as the night sounds make its music heard.
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