The Real Balto

The Real Balto

You guys may have heard of the movie Balto but have you ever heard of the real Balto? anyway I have fun with this

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Named after Samuel Johannesen Balto A famous Norwegian "SAMI"
Died:March 14, 1933
Details of his Death:Partially Deaf and blind and suffering from canine arthritis in his rear legs Balto was being cared for by the teams keeper There were concerns about his failing health in 1933 until a kindly veterinarian  Dr. R R powell offered to ease Baltos Suffering Powell insisted on caring for for Balto free of Charge stating it was an honor to care for him in his last hours On Tuesday   March 14, 1933  Powell injected Balto with a Drug to put him to sleep Balto Died a 2:15 Pm But by the kindness of the staff at The cleveland Museum of Natural History he was stuffed  and put on display where he still is there for all the people to see
other notes:Unlike Togo Balto ran more true to the usual size   for siberian Huskies at the time about 55-60 pounds Balto however had  a body that was a little boxy and he had a barrel chest. anyway until the serum Run Balto proved himself quite clever and disciplined on the trail during the run and was credited by  Kassen for saving lives of the teams on more then one occasion  (like Togo's team) Balto faced the Worst blizzard  pounding on the region during the last few days of the run and Balto's team did it almost entirely in the dark
By late February of that year (1925) an enticing officer had come into norm to Kassens attention, to bring the team down to the United states to make a movie about there experiences
Like I said earlier When Balto was Stuffed and mounted If you ever go to the Cleveland Natural History Museum you can see there is an error on Balto If you went there you will see that Balto's fur faded to a deep Mahogany-Brown due to long Exposure of Excessive light but his original fur color was a jet-black
The Enclosure at the Cleveland Brookside Zoo was dismantled  shortly  after Sye's Death In it's place A wolf pen was built Near the Wolf pen A monument Consist of two statues One of Balto and the other Togo

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