It's in the basement...

This is another creepypasta OC. It is based off of a video game but it is a little different. And I don't remember the name of the game but you can find it on youtube. A youtuber named "ManlyBadasshero" made a video game-play of it.

published on August 18, 20219 reads 2 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

The beginning

*I wake up to the sound of the growling*
“I wonder what time it’s still dark out...I’ll check the time.” I say to myself
*I turn over*
“It’s three A.M...once again...he is still hungry.” I say in a nervous voice
*I go downstairs*
“I’ll just go and make it anything with what I have left…” I say
*I make a ham sandwich*
“’s time to” I say shaking nervously
*I walk over to the basement*
*I unlock the door quickly and say “food time” as I throw the sandwich into the dark basement,and then I shut and lock the door quickly*
“I...i’m just gonna go back to bed…” I say
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