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This i just something I made. I was really bored and into OHSHC. So, here you are! :) Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.

Meet the OCs!

                                           Meet the OCs!

This is Meko Somah. She is shy, yet quite intelegent (unless she's desperate for something...) Her mum died when she was only eight, but somehow made the best out of life. Now, ten years later, she takes care of her cousin who is more impulsive than her and six months younger.

This is Mathilda Wolfe. She is Meko's way more "up and at it" cousin. Although she is six months younger than Meko, she's more "friendly".

                                                   Chapter One

     One warm April day, Tamaki Suoh and Mitskuni Honneynozuka walked down the hall of the high school wing in Ouran Acadamy toward the office. Mitskuni looks at Tamaki and says "Do you think the new girls are nice? Or do you think they're mean?"
     "I don't know Honney," Tamaki responds, smelling the bouquets of flowers he had gotten for the new students. "but we'll just have to wait and see."
     Turning the corner into the office, they see the initiates of Ouran High School and waved. The girls were dressed in commoners' clothing. "Hello ladies." Tamaki said bowing. He hands each of them a bouquet. "I am Tamaki Suoh."
     "And I'm Mitskuni, but you can call me Honney."
     The taller of the girls thanked them. "I'm Meko Somah and this is my little sister, Mathilda Wolfe."
      Mitskuni looked puzzled. "But you have different last names."
      "It is a pleasure to meet you both." Tamaki said with a hint of confusion in his voice.
      "We're actually cousins," Mathilda promptly corrects. "but we live together and act like sisters."
       "Oh," the boys said in unison.
       "What's this?" Mathilda asks, reaching toward a stuffed animal Honney is holding.  Meko slaps her hand giving her a warning glare as Mathilda pulled her hand back.
       "This is Usa-chan," Mitskuni says hugging the bunny. "My grandma made him."
       "Shall we start the tour?" Tamaki asks, holding the door in a gentlemanly way. The others nod in agreement and walk through the open door. They walk to the elementary wing, then to the courtyard. The middle school wing, and finally the high school wing. Opening a door to an abandoned music room Mathilda feels a cool breeze blow rose petals into her face.
      "Ahh..." the sisters sigh. "Perfect."
      "Welcome," a group of five males anounces.
      Mathilda walks in confidently whilst Meko looks at Tamaki and Honney. They both nod and she walks in smelling the sweet air. It smelled of sweets and various flowers as well as tea.
        "Can you guess which one of us is Hikaru and which one is Karou?" Hikaru and Karou ask together.
        Pointing to each of them in turn, Mathilda answers confidently "You're Karou and you're Hikaru."
        "Wro- Wait, she's right." Karou turned to his brother.
        "You win."
        "Yay," Mathilda exclaims.
        "Mitskuni," Takashi whispers. "The jet?"
      Honney tugged at Meko's unzipped jacket. "Wanna see our jet?"
      Looking at him, she nods. "If everyone else is comming, then why not."
      Everyone went outside and someone hollers to them, "Hey Karou and Hikaru! You going to the jet?"
      "Yes, we are." they reply. "Wanna come with?"
      "You bet'cha!" The person runs toward them, it is obviously a female. "I'm Ryni." she tells Mathilda and Meko breathlessly.
      "Its nice to meet you," the sisters say introducing themselves.
      The guys lead the way to the jet. Kyoya sits at a desk inside and begins doing the club's accounting. "This jet was coustum made for us by one of my family's companies." he said. "Everything fit for a club. Vending machines, sofas, and even our own sound proof rooms - which I quite enjoy."
     Hikaru leans against a wall and starts talking to Ryni. Suddenly, Karou gives Hikaru a surprize lick on the cheek.
      Meko sees this from the corner of her eye. "Eee! Brotherly love!"
       "So?" Ryni questions. "Karou gets to choose who he wants to...love." She hesitates on the word 'love.'
     Meko gives a slightly confused look. "I meant that in a 'Aww! It's so cute!' way."
     "Hm." Ryni goes into a room and curls into a ball. Mathilda glances in the direction she went, then looks at Meko who was leaning against the wall opposite of Hikaru.
     She looked around the room. Now everyone was staring. Meko slid down the wall into the fetal position with a quiet "oops..."
     "Girls, girls. You're all beautiful!" Karou announces.
     "Shut up, will ya?" Ryni calls.
     "You're no better yourself Ryni." Karou calls back.
    She gets up and slaps him accross the face. "You deserve it."
     Karou touches his hand to his face as pain begins to sting like needles. "Oh..." Karou sobs. "Oh...!"
     "Oh my gosh!" Meko exclaims hugging Karou. "Are you okay?" After hugging him, a cloud of purple smoke appeared; Meko was gone, and in her place was a grey mouse.
     "Meko!" Mathilda exclaims picking up the mouse. "Thanks for the cute little mouse, but where did you go? You know I dont really like it when you do this trick."
     "I'm hiding." she answered in the same tone.
      Ryni stared in amazement whilst muttering.
      Coming out from behind a couch on the other side of the room she stated, "But I love it! Anyways, I've gotta help Karou calm down."
     Once dressed, Meko walks to Karou, who is still crying, and sat down next to him. She began stroking his hair in a rhythmic pattern. "Let me see it." she demands in a calming-ish voice. Karou turns his head, revealing to her a red hand mark. Winceing, Meko got up and ran a rag in some cold water.
     "It's freezing," Karou complained as Meko pressed the rag to his face.
     "Now you know how us 'commoners' feel in winter," she jokes.
     "Ha, ha."
     Mitskuni walks by Mathilda with a whole cake. "Want some?"
     "Sure, but just one slice please."
     He takes one step and trips on his shoelace, sending cake everywhere. "I'M SO SORRY!" he cries. "Aahh! Mori!"
     "What is it Mitskuni?" Mori asks sliding to a stop once in the room.
     "I dropped my cake..." Honney says frowning.
     "REALLY!?" Ryni yells. "DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO-" Realizing she was losing her temper, she walked toward the exit. "I have to go," she says walking out of the jet.
    "Ryni," Mathilda whines. "Come back."
    Almost instinctively Meko tries to cover her sister, but trips and falls, skinnig her knee. She sits up and looked at her knee saying "Well that was graceful..."
    "Oh, my beautiful rose," Tamaki exclaims. "Hikarou, Karou!"
    "Yea boss?" the twins ask in unison.
    "Get her a ban-"
    Meko shakes her head. "Now, now, it's just a scrape," she says sarcasticaly. "I've dealt with worse."
     Tamaki put his hand on Meko's knee, and quickly gets a cool rag. He puts it on her scrape causing her to slightly wince. Meko thanks Tamaki as she stands and heads for the door. "I best be off." Suddenly, the jet started to move. She stares out the window only to see nothing of the ground. "M-Mori! Mitskuni!" Meko exclaimed. "Where are we going!?"
       "We, my princess, are going wherever you want." Tamaki says charasmaticly
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