The Horrible Life of Christina Almost

The Horrible Life of Christina Almost

January 13 Hi. I'm Christine. Almost, Christine Almost. Great name yes I know. I like reading, drawing and living in my horrible life. I enjoy it. A lot. It makes me smile (frown) laugh ( cry) and be happy! ( frustrated) That's all I have for today

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Chapter 1.
Tech Camp

Tech Camp

" Christine, how 'bout you come up and tell us how to program a computer." Ms.Kitty called me out with a glare. I looked up from my phone and did the best,fakeist, and cheeriest cheeky smile and held up my phone. She glared harder at me and walked towards me. More like stomped, she grabbed my arm and yanked me up out of my seat. I dramatically sighed (harder than I should have) and shamefully walked up to the touch board. I looked at her with a pleading look. She glared harder ( if even possible) and I turned to the board. " Sooooo..... Ahhhhhuuuuhhhuhhhu....... To program a computer you must, gaaaaahhhhhhhuuuhhhahhhuuh... Why me?" I stalled and sighed and groaned. Just before the bell rung. Ms.Kitty huffed and shut off the board.
My fried C.C came up and walked with me. " That was some pretty heavy breathing and groaning over there." She nodded her head Toward the room door. I nodded. Our dorm room sliding door opened and sprayed us with ferbreeze when we walked in. I took off my shoes and took off my purse. C.C  didn't. " C, you know if you don't take off your shoes we will be put out for the night.!" She shrugged and laid on her bed.
" Come on C! I just started my period and I want to be able to reach my secret chocolate and Nutella stash!" C went wide eyed and sat up looking up at the top bunk. " There is a secret STASH? And you Freakin' no tell me!! Gosh girly here I Thought we were friends!" C crossed her arms and pouted on her bed.
An alarm starting beeping and I'm pretty sure my eardrums bust. A robotic arm grabbed my arm and  put me out of the room.
Soon C came out with me, crossed arm carrying a pillow and blanket. I put my head against the wall and grinned. She sneered at me and wrapped her  blanket around herself and laided on the pillow.
"You know C, you are a great human being." I said. She immediately sat up and stared at me. She was wide eyed. " How could you?..... I thought we were friends?!" I was so confused.
" We are Friends?" " ARE WE REALLY?!?! YOU FREAKIN' SAID I WAS A HUMAN BEING!!" She yelled at me. " Are you not?" I shrugged at her, I was used to her nonsense. " NO I AM NOT!! I AM A FREAKIN' UNICORN!!" She punched my shoulder and pulled her blanket over her face.
I rolled my eyes. It was cold and I, Didn't need any of this shit. I'm pretty sure someone will be alarmed by the yelling and come out their room, they will see us in our mini party of unicorn doodoo, and go alert a teacher. Then the teacher will poop on our heads, use her key card and let us back in. And if all else fails, I simply freeze to death, and C lives to grow up to be hated. Boom Bam, my life is planned out. But of course I need to freeze peaceful. And nothing is better than dying in slumber....
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Could you continue it? PLEASE?
on November 13, 2015