Haunted mystery hotel

Im sorry of this story isn't very scary it's been a while since ive written horror anyways u.u on with the story

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Haunted mystery hotel
Chapter 1.

First floor deaths

Ethans p.o.v:
I had just opened up my new hotel and my son loved it, he ran around smiling and checking out the place. It made my heart melt to see my son happy ever since my wife died a few weeks ago.
As the months passed my hotel had gotten quite popular and i was proud of myself. But suddenly i heard a kid screaming...it sounded like... Leon!!  I quickly ran into the pool area to see my son drowning. I panicked and tried to go in to save my son but by the time i reached him, it was too late.
My son was gone... Just like my wife...i sat on the edge of the pool as i held my sons lifeless body and cried. After burying him, a few days had passed and i just couldn't handle it anymore... The death of my son hit me hard so I decided to sell my hotel.
When i found a buyer, i was at the front desk getting ready when suddenly the buyer held a gun to my head and grinned "i never wanted the damn hotel i just wanted the money" he said and pulled the trigger.

No one's p.o.v:
After the death of ethan, the hotel was shut down for a few months. But someone by the name of Tristan, decided to buy the hotel and make leons dream come true. As the days passed, a fire mysteriously broke out in room 113 and for some reason it didn't set off the alarms. This fire killed a father and 2 kids, the mother managed to escape but she grieved her family. When Tristan smelled the smoke he quickly called the firefighters who put the fire out before it burned down the entire building.
The room was then under renovation and everyone was adbised to stay away from it. Tristan sighed watching the room when someone ran up to him reporting to him a death in the pool and he quickly ran over seeing not just one but several dead bodies in the pool.
After that, the pool closed down and people were forbidden to enter it unless they asked for a death wish. Tristan never knew how or why people were drowning in this pool but hr knew it wasn't safe.
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