Tears Of Pain (1)

Tears Of Pain (1)

A Girl Named Serena She Lived With Her Grandmother Her Grandfather Died Before She Met Him Her Parents Had Moved And Got Shot.She Does Have A Boyfriend His Name Is Justin He Was Engaged With Serena

published on September 28, 201418 reads 12 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.
Beauty Inside

Beauty Inside

Justin woke up at 9:30 like always i was still sleeping on his shoulder my arm was wrapped around his chest he took my hand and put it on the pillow he got dressed right when he was about to leave the room i asked him where he was going he said torn temple i asked him if i could to he said fine he said get ready i asked him if he could wait outside he said fine and i kissed him on the cheek then i said thanks he was waiting for me in the car he forgot to get the supplies i was still getting ready after i took of my shirt luckily i was still wearing my bra i put my shirt on he got the supplies and went to the car he was still waiting for me so he turned on the local radio i got ready and ran to the car and i got in we drove to the cafe he was in the middle of really cute girls i was not really that happy when he tried to get out one of the girls pulled him back to the seat he said he had to goto the rest room and when he looked in the window he saw the person he was looking for the criminal was holding me i was knocked out he said let go of my girlfriend the criminal said or what luckily justin had a gun he said or ill shoot she the criminal let go of me and left justin was carrying me and he put me on the bed and left me there and then the gang of the criminals were at the house justin got near them
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