The Quest of Mistland CHAPTER 1

The Quest of Mistland CHAPTER 1

The Quest begins, Join the story as a humble villager soon becomes a true hero.

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Chapter 1.
Once upon a time..

Once upon a time..

There once lived a villager in the corners of Mistland
He lives as a doughboy. His name is Alf.
He makes the dough for the bread.
"Another dull day.." He mumbles, with a snarl of boredom.
He suddenly hears a loud blasting trumpet noise, It was the Royal Parade.
He runs outside with excitement, as he hides inside the crowd, making himself look like a royal, instead of some, peasant.
He dashes through the crowd, hiding his face.
But a loud noise interrupts the parade..
as a Longwinged Kaninantiesal Dragon darts through the sky..
The Villagers run screaming in terror as the scaley beast lands on the castle top.
It roars a mighty roar as it blows a mighty flame.
"Excuse me?! Wha'dda you doin' here kid?!" A royal guard shouts.
But he's interrupted when a flame almost turns him to ashes.
He runs off, with a flaming feather atop his helmet.
The Kaninantiesal lands in front of Alf.
Alf runs as he's being chased by the gigantic lizard.
He reaches the boat before they sail off, leaving the village, burning down.
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