Every Spark

Every Spark

A Quarter Quell AU if it had been different. What if President Snow had thought of another way to punish Katniss? Hunger Games AU.

published on November 13, 20171 read 1 reader 0 not completed

The Announcement

It was time for President Snow to announce the Hunger Games Quarter Quell. I watched the screen with bated breath, I knew what this could mean. Whatever the situation was, I would've mentoring these tributes. President Snow's white fingers slowly reached to grab one of the slips of paper. My breath slowed down. He unfurled it and began to read in a voice so emotionless he sounded frozen.
" For the 75th hunger games to remind the districts that no one, no matter who they may be or know, is free from punishment. Just because you may seem safe doesn't mean you are. That's why for our Quarter Quell relatives of the living victors will be in the drawing pool, no matter their age or status. Thank you and the odds be ever in your favor." President Snow smiled so coldly that I knew the smile was meant for me. My family, Peeta's family, they would be in the arena. I froze in place. Everything was happening too fast. It was all too much. My family stared at one another. Prim! They are doing this to get Prim in the arena. They know that will break me, know that will take all the fight out of me. No one will stand behind a Mockingjay without her wings. This will silence me, therefore silencing the rebels. President Snow is extremely cunning. A cunning monster.
My eyes spasmed as I saw it all happening, Prim dead, in pain. With a scream I ran out of the house and into the night, my hair flying out in a braid behind me. Why! Why! Why? Why didn't he just kill me instead? As I ran through the Victor's Village I heard footsteps coming up behind me. I turned, expecting to see Peeta, Prim, Gale or Haymitch, but instead I came face to face with my silent mother. She turned to me and in a quiet voice said " I promise Katniss, if it's her I'll volunteer." I stared at her. This is not like my mother, the woman who abandoned me and Prim when we needed her the most. This woman is new. So I turned to her and asked
" Really?"
" Really." She promised. I was ashamed to be relieved, but I was. " Will you come home?" She asked. But I couldn't. I couldn't see the faces of everyone I had to lose.
" No." I replied. She just nodded like she saw this coming, like she probably did. I was always predictable. She slowly walked away back to our house leaving me alone. It was cold out, and sleeping out here would only make me sick. So slowly I turned and walked to an empty house, and collapsed on the floor. I needed to sleep. I needed to be ready if I was going to help them.
I had the worst nightmares I had in my whole life that night. Everyone, every member of my family met horrible ends. I could hear Prim's screams now, ringing in my ears. This time the nightmares were even closer to reality. Because someone I loved was going to die.
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