The Reactors

The Reactors

A world run by a corporation that places reactors in each sector to power their businesses. Some reactors that contain unimaginable power are destroying the planet by using small energy spheres. A group form to prevent the death of the planet. An evil ex-officer and the corporation that started it all are the only thing in their way.

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First strike

The pitch black sky stared down on the people of sector 4. A train sped down the tracks to the station. When it stopped a man jumped out and attacked a guard, knocking him unconscious. A second man appeared from the train carrying a sword. A guard ran at him so he disarmed him, threw him to the ground and stabbed him in the leg. "Hey Tristan why did you stab him?" Tristan looked at the second man disappointed. "He did it so the guy wouldn't follow us or try to stop us." A third man appeared for the train cart followed by two others. He walked up to Tristan as he removed his sword from the guards leg. "Listen I don't trust you so you WILL stick by my side throughout the job capiche." Tristan put his arm around the boss's shoulder and pulled him close as if they were friends. "Look Josh there is no reason why you shouldn't trust me, so what if I left the military lead by the Corporation. I'm dedicated to our cause to stop those bastards from destroying this place. Let's get this over and done." Josh smiled. "Sebastian get that door open, Charles protect him and James just do whatever." Tristan and Josh headed towards the reactor door. Tristan heard a noise, stopped and slowly turned around to see a group of 10 soldiers armed with guns all pointed at the group. "DUCK!" Sebastian, Charles, James and Josh ducked but Tristan simply unsheathed his blade and shielded himself from the barrage of bullets. As he sprinted, Josh raised his gun arm (long story I'll explain it later.) and started shooting. When the soldiers had been defeated Josh and Tristan headed inside towards the main power coupling.

Tristan set the bomb whilst Josh watched, to ensure he wasn't against the group. An alarm went off. A mechanical spider appeared from nowhere. Tristan tried to stab it but it was no use. "Josh fire the blast at it." Josh charged up his gun arm and fired a fireball blast at it blowing it up. Tristan stood up. "Maybe I should have jumped of off it." He grabbed Josh's hand and was pulled to his feet. The pair met up with the rest of the group just as the reactor exploded. "Right we need to split up. We meet by the train in 10 minutes let's go." The group headed in different directions.

Tristan saw a woman who looked distressed. He walked up to her and she asked what had happened. "It's not safe maybe you should leave this place." Tristan continued his journey until he came to a bridge. Some of the soldiers had found him so he had to beat them. He handled them for a while but then heard the train so jumped over the side of the bridge. He landed in the roof and could hear the rest of the group talking. "Why didn't he show up? Maybe he didn't care about the cause." Tristan opened the train door and jumped inside. The group looked surprised. "Did you guys really think I would miss out on the loot." Josh chucked Tristan a small orb which he quickly put into a slot in his sword. "None of us know how to use them so maybe you can teach us when we get to the hideout." Tristan smiled and sheathed his sword. "Maybe I will." The train they were on whizzed off down the tracks and headed for sector 7.
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