How I Became A Vegetarian

A girl wants to write a scary story for her scary story writing contest at school but she feels like she needs to experience something scary to make her writing seem realistic. Little does she know that she has a pretty scary adventure awaiting her...

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Chapter 1.

Ugh, too cliche

It was a dark and stormy night...Ugh, too cliche for a scary story. How was I ever going to win this scary story contest at school, I thought to myself. Hmm. What about, Everyone talks about the old house at the end of the street, but I couldn’t believe what happened when I went still too cliche.
Wait, there’s someone outside.
Who is that? I thought to myself. There were two guys walking down the street to their van while looking at my house. They had a picture of a pig on the side of their arm. Their van said, “Meaty Butcher Shop We’ll slice up any type of meat you want!”. Once they opened the door to get in their van, I got a quick glimpse of the inside. There were hundreds of knives hanging on the wall of the van. Since when do butchers work in their vans? Maybe I could write about something about creepy butchers. You don’t even know what creepy butchers do stupid,  I thought. I needed to really experience something scary to be able to write a scary a story. Ha, who was I kidding? I would be too much of a scaredy-cat to ever make myself do something like that.
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