Riverclan story

Riverclan story

I'm just doing stories for now because I'm great at stories. More coming when I have the ability. Maybe a chapter a day.

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Chapter 1.
The River

The River

      She had just opened her eyes. Everything was new to her.
       "Come on Maplekit! Let's go exploring! I've been waiting ages!" Her sister Rosekit yowled. Maplekit stood on shaky legs. Rosekit ran out as fast as she could "Come on slowpoke!" Yowled Rosekit. Maplekit ignored her looking around. Wow! She thought looking at her clanmates and the sunlight that sparkled the clearing. A patrol came in hurt. The deputy ran up and said

                 "What happened?"
                  "Thunderclan happened. They took the sunrock. We did our best to fend them off,but there kept coming like every time one ran away another took its place."
                  "Atleast you all survived." The conversation became boring to Maplekit so she searched for her sister. She searched everywhere,the nursery,apprentice den,Warriors den and peeked into the leaders den. She didn't check the elders den since Rosekit HATED the elders by saying things like "Ugh! Why do they do nothing while we have to do every thing for them? Their lazy fish brains and dry paws!" Everyone tried explaining but it was fruitless. Finally when Maplekit was about to give up she saw a flash of red near the outer side of the camp entrance. Maplekit ran across the clearing to met her sister.
                 "What are you doing here Rosekit!?" We're not supposed to go outside camp!" Maplekit whispered looking around to see if anyone was watching.
                  "Come on Maplekit! Where's your sense of adventure?" Rosekit taunted.
                    "Fine I'll come but it's all your fault." Maplekit agreed reluctantly then going to meet her sister who ran ahead.
                    "Let's see the river!" Rosekit yelled not looking behind her. Soon they reached the river "Woah! I never thought it was so huge!" Rosekit toke a few steps forward so she was standing on the edge of the ground. It started raining hard pounding so hard it stung when it hit you.
                    "Rosekit I don't think you should stand so close to the edge..." Maplekit started to say,but then the ground started to crumble beneath Rosekit.
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Beatiful more chapters coming soon
on May 05, 2016