The Man in the Blue Mask

The Man in the Blue Mask

Charlotte Weiss is just starting collage after returning back to her home town. Things start off ordinary, until she meets a strange boy who isn't all he seems to be. This story is originally posted on my watt-pad account. I don't remember when I originally wrote this, and I don't know if I'll ever finish it. If you end up hating it or calling my oc "mary sue", I really don't care. This is just a work of fiction and I wrote it for fun.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter One: Homecoming

Staring out the window of the car, I never expected to be back in the town of Salem. Dad had had gotten a job offer back at his old job, so we ended up moving back home.
I was never really too fond of the people here. They were either too happy, or they were acting sketchy as hell.

Finally we arrived back at the house. The same old rusty fence still bordered the little green panel house. Not much changed over all, other than the vines growing all over it.

" looks... Crappy."

"Well, it's still home. Come on, you use to love it here!" He smiled as we began carrying our things into the house. Walking up the creaky stairs to my old bedroom, I walk in, gazing around. Same pastel green walls from when I was seven. Some of the pink bunnies painted on the walls were faded out.

"What this needs is a repaint."

Going back down stairs, I grab a bucket of paint and a brush before rushing back up.
"Alright, where to start?"


Laying in my bed, I check my phone. No new message. Well no duh, I have no friends because they all moved away from this boring town. Putting away my phone, I decide to play my mp3 player. My younger sister came stomping up the stairs barging into my room


I grumble, pausing my mp3. "What is it Emma?"
She skipped over to me. "Mommy and Daddy said you gotta go out and make friends."
You got to be kidding me...
I was slightly annoyed that my own parents were forcing me to go socialize, as if I was still some naive kid.
"Well, I don't feel like it right now."
Emma just looked at me, her brown eyes so much like dad's it scared me.

"Ok ok, im going geez." Getting up, I grabbed my bag, stuffing my phone inside along with a few other things and heading out the door.
There wasn't much that changed. The shops were still there. And to my surprise, my favorite arcade was still there.

"Alright, first stop the old stomping grounds!" walking over, I enter the old little arcade. Over the years, it appeared some of the games had been replaced with some more newer modern games. I decided to check out the older ones.
After playing around on Packman for a bit, a voice behind me spoke up.

"You new here?"

Turning around, I came face to face with a strange boy.
"No, I use to live in this town. Just moved back actually."

"Cool." He nodded to me, a smile appearing on his face.
"My name's Jack."

"I'm Charlotte, but everyone calls me Charlie. Nice to meet you." I smile back.
Jack and I played some games together, getting to know one another pretty well. I found out that we'd be attending the same college this semester. He wanted to study medicine and other medical studies. I was more into writing and working on becoming a film maker.

"I wonder if we'll have any general studies together." I commented as we hung out at the town diner.
"Maybe. However, I heard some of the teachers are nuts."
We both laughed. I liked Jack. He was the first person to talk to me ever since I came back here. I was glad to call him my friend.


"Awesome!! We got classes together after all!" I cheered as Jack and I compared our schedules.
"Well, we better hurry to them then." He chuckled as we dashed off like little kids.

Unfortunately, English wasn't as fun as I had hoped it to be.
I groaned and lay my head on the desk. Jack poked me. "Come on, just a few more minutes and we're out of here."
I just groaned again, turning away from him to wallow in my misery in peace.

Finally the bell had rung and we were free. Glad to have no other classes for the day, Jack and I returned to the arcade.
"Hey Jack, maybe we should get Greg and Jenny and all come here to hang out this weekend."

"Maybe..." Jack replied.


As the day came to an end, I said goodbye to Jack and went home. Emma was coloring in the kitchen when I walked in. She looked at me and began giggling.
"Charlie has a boyfriend!"
My mom looked at me from washing dishes. "Boyfriend? So are you and Jack a thing now?" She smiled. My face flushed a bright red.
"Ew hell no! He's my best friend!" I rolled my eyes and hurried off to my room. Flopping onto my bed, I check my phone to see a text from Jack. 

5:30 pm
Hey, you busy?0

5:36 pm
Just catching up on homework.

5:38 pm
Ah okay. Well, I'll check on you late okay?

I tuned off my phone and laid on my bed. I had to admit, I did like Jack. A lot actually. Over the times we hung out, I had begun to see him as more than a friend. However, I had doubts he saw me in the same way. After about an hour, I gazed up at the ceiling getting lost in my thoughts when I heard a tapping on my window. Sitting up, I glance over at it.

The tap sounded again.

Curious, I walk over, pulling the curtains out of the way to reveal......

Nothing there.

"Awesome, I'm going insane now."
Turning back to my bed, I let out a gasp as I see a black hooded figure sitting on my bed.  They wore a blue mask with black oozing from the eye sockets.
Feeling my hear beat faster, I began backing away slowly. "S-stay back..."

"Wait- Charlie... It's me..."

I stopped. I know that voice. Tilting my head, I stared at the figure. "Jack...?"
He nodded. I gazed on, confusion and fear building up in my chest. What had happened? Why was he wearing that weird mask?
Slowly, he got off my bed and approached me. Holding up a pale gray hand.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

His tone was sad, almost as though he regretted something.
I relaxed, looking at him with concern. "What happened? Why do you look like that?"
He looked away from me. "I...I can't tell you.  I'm sorry Charlie."

Without warning, he suddenly leaps out the window, vanishing into the night.


I haven't seen or heard from Jack since last night. School had been cancelled for a while after they found Jenny and a group of other kids brutally killed in a cave out in the woods. Police said it had been some cult ritual, a group suicide.
However, something in the back of my head told me Jack had been involved.

I sat at the table, poking at my breakfast. My mom had become worried about me. Ever since last night, I hadn't spoken much to anyone. Greg would keep trying to call to see if I was alright, but gave up after I wouldn't answer.
Sitting in my room, I read some of my books when I noticed a little note stuck in my window. Walking over, I open the window and pick up the note. Scribbled writing etched across the little paper. I recognized it as Jack's handwriting.

Hey Charlie, I'm sorry I haven't spoken to you much. I just needed some time to...  adjust to things.
I'll visit you tonight to make it up to you.
- Jack

I was slightly surprised, but at the same time I felt comfort.
By now I had come to accept that my life wouldn't be normal and ordinary anymore.
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