Zilla Vs. Spacegodzilla

Zilla Vs. Spacegodzilla

The Fight To The Death Between Zilla, The Agile Beast And Spacegodzilla, The King Of Space!

published on November 24, 20150 reads 0 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Zilla Stats

Zilla Stats

Zilla Is An Extremely Fast And Agile Mutated Marine Iguana. He Posseses A Green Atomic Breath That Can Slice Right Through Concrete And A Fire Ball Attack Which Is 379 Degrees! He Can Also Use His Talons And Claws To Slice Enemies Right To Bits. Also, He Can Burrow To Escape Threats. He Also Has Scutes On His Back To Slice Larger Kaiju's Skin. Even Though He Is Not The Biggest Of Kaiju, He Posses Formidable Strength And Agility. In Conclusion, Zilla Is Fast But Not Very Powerful.
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