The Other Twin

The Other Twin

When a 12 year old girl gets a lot of pressure but on her, she find a old printer that prints out human bodies and creates another on of herself that soons betrays her and almost...( spoilers ) 3rd chapter spoiler- How It All Began-

published on March 13, 20175 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
The Pressure

The Pressure

'' Wake up Asia, you got to go take out the dog, and you got to help your father set up for your brother birthday party later today. '' Alright Mom, you know you can ask Noah to take out the dog while i go help Dad, doesn't that sound more you know---- '' But what did i tell you to do? You are not suppose to tell a grown adult what to do if they already told you what you should do, you are going to take out the dog and after that you are going to help your father setup for Noah's birthday party! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!'' ''Yes ma'am'' i answered trying not to get an attitude.
               I slowly rolled off the bed and already felt how horrible this day would get and already could possibly see what bad is going to happen to me at Noah's birthday. I unlocked Marshmallow's cage and he took of and slam against the door like that movie with the bird trying to get away from the wolf i think...? He sat in the grass for a minute and got up and you know doggy stuff. '' Wipe yourself Marsh-Man (that's his nickname)'' After he was done I let him back inside and gave him a treat. I thought i was done until i heard the sound of my dad coughing and realized i had to help him with the party. I walked into our kitchen and asked " Dad, do you need any help with anything?'' " No honey, i am wrapping this up now, how about you go play with Noah or Marshmallow, that would be a great help" my dad said. " Ok"
I was super bored i decided to play a little mine craft. I put in the disc i walked to go get me something to drink and when i come back my game has yogurt inside!  I have never screamed so loudly in my life, " MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" She ran up to me and ask " What's wrong?" " Noah but his yogurt in my game! Slap the fiddle sticks outta him! " No, you are going to clean it up." So i walked up to Noah and slapped him. He hit the floor and started crying. Then everything got black after that. I found my self in my room with a note that said '' Y  o u  a r e  g r o u n d e d  f o r  h i t t i n g  N o a h!"
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