The Office reacts to seeing Hetalia for the first time

This took place way before the awesome war and was inspired by a story

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Chapter 1.

They watch it

Michael: This is interesting.

Dwight: What is happening on my screen right now?

Andy: What in gods name is this?

Jim: Can someone please tell me why this is happening?

Pam: I-

Kevin: I wasted a cupcake for THIS? Come on!

Phyllis: Who made this and why?

Meredith: What is happening to society...

Kelly: *Stomps around the room* All I want are simple sentences! Why is this happening?

Angela: The party planning committee does not need to know about this.

Jan: Why me?

Stanley: Do people seriously like this more than Social Studies Class?

Ryan: *unholy screaming*

Creed: Sadly, yes. But why this and not anything else?

Everyone else: *Has left*

Andy: Anyone for McDonald’s?

Everyone: Me!

Meredith: We need to go to therapy. All of us. Now.

Kelly: Agreed.

Michael: What was that?

Dwight: I don’t even know.

Pam: This is why we work at a paper company and not at an anime shop.

Jim: Truth!

Stanley: Um...guys...

Michael: What?

Stanley: That was just Episode 1. There’s 5 seasons, I think.

Dwight: Oh no.

Everyone else: NO!!!!!!!
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