Hello, I’m Alexandra. I am your usual teenage girl- aside the fact that I have insomnia, claustrophobia, and hydrophobia. And the fact that I hear voices... that no one else can hear... so I guess you can say I’m a bit demented, but that’s ok. We all have a demented part in us, even if you are as sane as... well, a sane person. Oh, and the last thing about me... I can see dead people- or, a dead person.

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I looked around uncertainly, I swear I saw something. I dunno what it was, but it was something. Unless stuff downstairs makes loud crashes all the time. I crept down the carpeted stairs and into the main family room, where one of my Nintendo 64 controllers were on the floor in front of my family’s brown couch. I glanced around uneasily, taking slow and steady breaths.
Everything was still, just like it had been when I turned off the console and went up to bed. Something caught my eye, it was the Nintendo 64 console. I inched closer and saw that the cartridge to Majora’s Mask was lying in front of it. But it wasn’t my copy, mine didn’t have the word ‘MAJORA’ scribbled on the cartridge in black ink.
I held the cartridge in my hand, I wanted to play it. I checked the time, I read ‘3AM’ on my watch. I sighed, time to play a possibly haunted game in my possibly haunted house in a possibly haunted area at the most haunted time. I grimaced slightly, inserting the cartridge into the console.
The game started up like my own copy- my black screen glowed with the words ‘Nintendo 64’ before Majora’s Mask came onto the screen. A short looking guy in purple appeared on the screen, giggling, the Majora’s Mask hovering above his hands. The game started- showing me a clip of part of a town with its people doing their jobs, followed by Link- the main character- sitting on a roof, watching all the people.
I stole a glance of the tattoo on my left wrist- the Triforce symbol in black before looking back up at the screen.
After I got on the clock tower, (37:45 mins later) the game started to glitch badly, until it showed a link-look-alike on the screen, half shadowed in the darkness of the screen. “You shouldn’t have done that...” was what I had read in the chat box. I could tell that that was not part of the original game. My suspicions were correct- the game was tampered with. Or worse- haunted. I hoped that the cartridge wasn’t haunted as I took it out and threw it on the floor- it felt hot. Hotter than the hottest hot I have ever felt before.  
I ran back up to my room and closed the door, I threw myself onto my bed and pulled my legs to my chest, panicking.
I was sure I was going to die.
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