Lost City of Atlantis

Lost City of Atlantis

This action packed story is full of surprises. When Western European senior Mark Skuldmen and his 2 best friends Millan Cooper and Sarah Waters finish school for the summer they go on a trip oversees using Mark's dad's ship and when they go diving beneath the ocean they discover something extraordinary and undiscovered to mankind.

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Chapter 5.
The Water Police

The Water Police

Back at the ship things weren't going as planned and arguments were being made. Mark argued with Millan about the city they found and Sarah argued with both of them about what they saw. "Come on Mark your telling me that it was a good idea to leave? No way man it was a bad idea Mark. You know what why do I even bother. I'm sorry but that's it I'm done." Millan acquired. "With what?" Mark cried out. "Come on your both being stupid right now." Sarah tried to help but they both just kept arguing and going at it. "What I wanna know is why you guys just started arguing about whatever the hell you saw down there." "Don't you get it?" Millan emphasized. "Get What?" "Get that we live in Western Europe! All those legends and folk tales about the Ancient Lost City of Atlantis that was all real." "Mark, somebody please tell me whats going on here before I flip out." "Look, Millan began. We actually saw the Lost City of Atlantis right beneath our feet and little Mr.Tuff Guy thinks it was a good idea to leave and forget what we saw. How can I forget something like that it would be with me my whole life. We had a chance to re-write history and we blew it." "That makes no sense Mill how could you have seen Atlantis? You were really deep in the ocean, you saw a lot of beautiful fish and sea animals so you must have imagined it Mill and I'm sorry if you hate me calling you that but I'm sorry I want to call you that and I'm really upset right now." Suddenly all the they could here was the noise of a cop car. "This is the water police you have to get out of your boat." The water police was talking in Dutch and only Millan could translate it for them. Sarah only spoke English and German because it was a common language in Switzerland. But Millan was out of sight to translate for them. Another thing that seemed to have been missing was the diving supplies and a video camera. It was at that moment when Mark knew what Millan what up to. He was going to go back to Atlantis and film the place so he could get rich and famous from it. Since Millan was nowhere in sight Mark and Sarah decided to make a swim for it because none of them knew whether the officer was speaking Dutch or Greek or whether what he was saying to them was good news or bad news or news that they had to get out of their boat. Mark quickly helped Sarah put on her diving equipment and her diving mask and then he put on his. The police were about a couple of feet away so that gave them time to do what they had to do. Get out and get safe.
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