Lost City of Atlantis

Lost City of Atlantis

This action packed story is full of surprises. When Western European senior Mark Skuldmen and his 2 best friends Millan Cooper and Sarah Waters finish school for the summer they go on a trip oversees using Mark's dad's ship and when they go diving beneath the ocean they discover something extraordinary and undiscovered to mankind.

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Chapter 1.
Friends forever

Friends forever

Mark was a Western European guy, born and raised in Brussels, Belgium he had 2 best friends in school who he planed to spend summer with named Sarah Waters, born in Alpnach, Switzerland who didn't really know much about Brussels but moved there ever since she was nine. Ever since her first year in Elementary at Brussels she got called the nickname Pigface because she had a strangely large face and whenever she was nervous she would use her thumb to stick here nostrils out and everyone thought she looked like a pig. So then there was Millan Cooper, the kid who started the rumor and the nickname and after that everyone used the nickname beacause everyone looked up to Millan, who was known everywhere in Brussels. Everyone in town knew him and if you didn't know him you weren't from Downtown Brussels. He was the talk of the school, the talk of pretty much everywhere he went. He was a real Downtown guy born right downtown of Brussels too at Edith Cavell Hospital. Nothing and No one came between them until Millan staredhanging out with a new croud for a while and even met this girl named Rachel Samarah but that wasn't going to change their summer plans, nothing would."Hey got your stuff packed? We're going to spend the best summer ever in my dad's boat this summer." Mark said. "Yeah dude come on I know so where's Pigface at around here? she's gonna make us late!" "Hey, come on I thought we were done with that." Mark contented and didn't answer the question. "Here at last!" The 2 could hear a voice through the living room wall. Mark opened the door and it was Sarah holding 3 grocery bags."Well.... don't just stand there! She added. We got a trip to be on!" We were waiting on you pig- I mean Sarah, you take forever to go to the store and its almost sundown we're gonna be overseas woman!" Millan muttered as his voice got lower and lower. Mark knew Millan and Sarah weren't as tight as they use to be so he always tried to make them get along even when they refused. Millan would always go to bars because he was older than 16, and 16 was how old you were able to be to drink."Hey dad uh... you mind taking us to  your ship now its getting kind of late?" Mark advised. "Sure." Mark's father Ruben replied. Ruben took them down to the dock were an old fisherman was holding a rope connected to Ruben's boat was. "Thanks pal." he said. "Hey don't mention it man." "Alright thanks Ruben! see ya later." "Alright Delphino thanks for holding my boat you know my kid's gotta hang with his friends for their last year so, I appreciate it." Ruben yelled out as Delphino walked backed to his car. The two were speaking in Dutch so Mark couldn't really understand what they were saying he only knew a few Dutch words like the basics he was always taught English because he was told it was the most important language and the 2nd most talked language in the world so he had to learn it. Mark knew one day that like his father always told him, one day and one day to come, he would go to America and there he would start a family and a career. His family wanted more for him. They wanted him to have all the rights he wanted. He could get that all in America. So eventually he knew the whole English language. Everywhere he went he heard people speak in French, German and Dutch but he was still taught to be just like and American boy living the American dream.
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