Is It Love Or A Good Friendship

Is It Love Or A Good Friendship

What can you do when love takes over your work and your friend, nothin

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Chapter 1- Discovery With a Bit of Love

Chapter 1- Discovery With a Bit of Love

[Hi i do not own the picture , but i do own everything else. This is NOT a play, its just a lot of talking and i didnt want to keep putting he said and she said, but I hope you like it.]

            Ashunti Hansel, an investigator, was walking down the halls of Ballard High School with her partner James Heatheran 2. It has been told that Mary Anderson, the school's cheerleading coach, had been kill in this exact building on August the 5, 2029. This woman was 5'6, African American and she a pair of gym shorts, a white tee that had the quote 'Change Your Life' and a pair of old 2017 Jordan's. The policemen reports say that her body was found in a ditch in the back of the school, but her body was still a mystery. So Ashunti is now looking for the mysterious body.
Ashunti-this is going to be a hard one, am i right
James- yeah, but I've never heard you say that.
Ashunti-i guess it's because they said that her head was found in the back.
Ashunti-her body could be anywhere.
James- have you checked the ditch
Ashunti-no, but I'm sure if it was there they would've saw it.
James-okay, then that will be the last place we will check before we go today.
Ashunti- okay, but we're splitting up. Call me when you've  found something.
James-i will do that.
        Ashunti looked in closets, classrooms, bathrooms, and the school's basement, she couldn't find the body. Then she went to the cafeteria and looked in the kitchen, there were old foods in tall rusty pots which made her wonder 'how long have these kids been out of school'.
James-hey shunti, you found anything
Ashunti- other than old food and pots, no. what about you
James- hmm, i found an arm in the boys bathroom and a leg in the dumpster.
Ashunti- so you think the body parts are separated
James- maybe, but at one we're going for a breakfast break I'm starving and i know you are too.
Ashunti- James, you are always hungry.
James-i know but i didn't eat tis morning, when you told me the mission, i rushed here.
Ashunti-well, i guess we can have a break, but back to work afterwards.
James- and maybe we can talk about that situation at the club.
Ashunti- you're, still on that. I thought we cleared that up yesterday at the office.
James-right, and you think i believe that
        Ashunti knew he didn't. The boss was offered 2 free VIP cards by a friend of his, but he didn't like gifts so he gave it to her and James. Ashunti got drunk at the club and James wasn't enjoying it at first. Then she began to lay her head on him and began to tell him some of her hidden feelings. He was all fine with the talking because he thought it was the liquor talking, but when she kissed him he knew she was telling him her feelings for real. He's been with Ashunti while she's drunk a million times and the feeling talk wasn't new but he enjoyed it every time. But she has never kissed someone drunk. Ashunti told him that she drunk more than she usually drink, but he wasn't buying it. He knew she had feelings for him.
Ashunti-James, you can believe anything you want, but I'm getting back to work and you should too.
James-why deny it, i wouldn't. And I'm not.
Ashunti-just drop it, James.
James- i wont, because this is not something you drop.
Ashunti- well if you wont, i will.
James- fine, but i wont. it's not believable that you can be drunk four hours and then out of the blue kiss someone.
Ashunti-it's possible. I was drunk, what part of that do you not understand
James- fine, you want to stick to that story. Go ahead, but i will not believe that. If you find something let me know.
Ashunti- i don't know why you're so upset, it was just a kiss.
James- [sighs] to you Ashunti, to you.
        Ashunti was so mad she could even think of her work anymore, she hated her feelings but she would loathe the feelings of not having them. But she didn't understand why, he cared so much. But then she thought 'we shouldn't even have feelings for each other, we're work partners' so she shook the thoughts of the situation out of her head and started working again. Then she looked in the icebox, and she saw a bag in the back of the icebox. So she dragged it out, and it smelled horrible.
Ashunti- James, i found something.
James-what is it
Ashunti-a bag and it stinks.
James- yeah like your excuses.
Ashunti-don't start, just check the bag.
        James cut the bag open with a box cutter, and looked inside the hole he made. He put on his left glove and reached his hand in it. He had an disgusted look on his face as he reached in. When he pulled his hand out, the glove was covered with blood.
Ashunti-what did i find
James- the rest of the body, you found the rest of the body
        Ashunti got off her knees and started clapping and cheering. James got up, and started celebrating with her. He picked her up, and hugged her, then again it happened. They kissed. When they stopped kissing, he put her down, and she just started blushing.
Ashunti- [Picks up bag] I guess we should go take this to the office. [Begins to Walk Off]
James- Ashunti, you're trying to make me believe that was nothing too
Ashunti- No, i tried to get away from it, but James, we're work partners. We cant have these feelings for each other, and i think we should just drop the affection.
James-What are you afraid of
Ashunti-Why every time I say I don't want a relationship, it's always I'm afraid. Yeah maybe, you're right I'm scared, but I am not changing my mind.
James- And why
Ashunti- because men don't listen and they don't care.
James- I am not-
Ashunti- just drop it nothing you say or do can change my mind. I'm sorry, I hope this doesn't effect our friendship.
James- I understand, you still want that break, since we finished so early.
Ashunti- Yes, that sounds nice right about now.
James- can I get a hug?
Ashunti- aw yeah, you big bear. [They Hug] Now, let's go.

At The Office

Ashunti- hey guys, we found the body! [Men Cheers]
The Boss- good work, but try finding the murder then I'll start jumping of the walls and partying. Get back to work.
Ashunti- Wow Freddy, who got on your bad side?
The Boss- the same person that has been crying about not having a husband.
Ashunti- Your wife, I can't help you there, I don't think marriage is worth it.
The Boss- So that's why you won't give Heatheran a chance?
Ashunti- Men don't listen.
The Boss- I am a man.
Ashunti- exactly! [Walk Off]
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Im glad u like it, i wasnt gonna post it bc i just began writing when i got bored
on March 25, 2013
Good please right more!
on March 25, 2013
Very interesting. Worth five stars.
on March 25, 2013