One Piece OneShots

One Piece OneShots

~Requests are open~ (Only One Piece) I'll do lemons. Or I would but I don't know if its aloud I'll do female x female I'll do male x male I'll do female x male I'll do Yandere x reader Or yandere reader x (Which ever one piece character) And I'll do pregnant reader) So practically anything you can imagine up.

published on March 20, 2016182 reads 12 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Truth Or Dare {Luffy}

Long story short i have had feelings for Luffy ever since i joined the straw hat's crew except i can't tell him because he's well Luffy. Nami is my best friend, she knows about my crush on Luffy and teases me about it.

It was a regular day on the sunny everyone was keeping to there own business, Sanji was in the kitchen cooking, Chopper was working on his Rumble Ball, Robin was reading, Brook was training with Zoro, Usopp and Franky were working on gadget stuff, Luffy was bugging Sanji for food, While (y/n) and Nami were suntanning. (Y/n) was wearing a strapless bikini.

Everything was perfectly normal until someone had the idea of playing truth or dare.

"Hey why don't we pay Truth or Dare?" Nami said with a evil smirk

"I don't have a choice do I? (Y/n) sighed

"I have taught you well!" Name exclaimed

(Y/n) rolled her eyes.

"Truth or Dare (y/n)?" Nami asked

"Dare!" I yelled

Nami's smirk couldn't be more evil.

"Actually i think i better do tru-" (Y/n) was cut off

"Its to late now~" Nami singed

"Damnit i got a feeling your gonna have me do something embarrassing" (Y/n) sighed

"I dare you to kiss Luffy" Nami said

(Y/n)'s cheeks turned red and her eyes bugged out

"No way in hell!!!" (Y/n) yelled

Nami started busting out laughing

"If you don't you have to pay me 60,000,00 berry" Nami said in a threatening way

"Your evil..." (y/n) muttered

(Y/n) got out of her chair and marched over to Luffy before he even knew what was going on she sent her lips smack into his, after she tried to pull away he wouldn't let her, instead he wrapped his arms around her waste and forced his tung into her mouth and immediately started playing with her's after a while he pulled apart leaving a twitterpated (y/n), and a flabbergasted crew.

"sheeshee i love you (y/n)!" Luffy exclaimed happily

"I-I-I L-Love you to Luffy!" (y/n) stuttered

"Im gonna be sick" zoro complained.

"Oh! Sh-Shut it Zoro!!" I stuttered.
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