Icy's switch

Icy's switch

This is a winx club fanfic i started working on a bit after i made the Scooby doo fanfic (:

published on October 20, 20176 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Broken ice

Darcy: hey Icy what are you up to?
Stormy: can we go fight the winx yet?! im bored!
Icy: nothing.. , ok Stormy go have fun..
Darcy and stormy: uhh you ok Icy?
Icy: yes i'm fine i just need some time to think ok?
Darcy: ok well me and Stormy will go play with the winx ok?
Icy: ok..
Darcy:  Stormy you go ahead i'm gonna put up a camera
Darcy: ok ok sheesh i'm coming!
with the winx
Bloom: anyone wanna go get some pizza?
Flora: no thank you
Tecna: sure
Layla: i guess so
Stella: WAFFLEZ!
Musa: umm Stella that was totally uncalled for..
Bloom: you are very random sometimes stel....
Stella: *giggles* thanks!
Stormy: hey look there are the winx!
Darcy: let's go have some fun i guess
Stormy: hello stupid fairies!
Darcy: yup it's us
3 hours of battling later..  battle ends and witches lost
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