My fnaf backstory

My fnaf backstory

My name is Ethan Afton. This is my sad story, I hope you like it! Here we go

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Chapter 1.


I'm Ethan Shmidt.
Well, now I'm Ethan Afton since my sister Clara married my best friend William.
A lot of people think William killed me since he was around me at the tim of my death,
although I will have you know, William did not kill me, he tried to save me.
William and I would play together every day when we were kids.
One day though, we were playing catch in his mom's driveway,
I couldn't catch the ball and it rolled into the road.
I went to go get the ball, and I saw William screaming in the driveway.
At the time I just thought he was mad since I went to get the ball when he wanted to.
I only noticed why he was screaming when it was too late.
A car came speeding down the road,
I was frozen in shock, I tried to move, but I couldnt.
Next thing I knew. Everything went pitch black.
The last I could here was William and Clara crying and screaming,
"Ethan please, wake up! Ethan WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!"
Next thing I could see was William and Clara crying over my body.
I could see my body?
I was a ghost.

William and Clara were scared that they might get in trouble, so they hid my body in the Funtime Foxy suit.
I could go back into my body! But I would never be a human again.


My best friend married my big sis.
They had 3 adorable babies.
Mike, Elizabeth, and Chris.
I always had a fondness for Chris,

(Another timeskip)

why!? Clara was driving one day in her car on a rainy day,
the road was slippery and then..........she slipped off the road.
I tried to catch the car, but it just went right through me,
I watched my own sister die, right in front of my eyes.
But now I had another ghost to keep me company.
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