Life(True Story)

This actually happened, except Yui isn;t her real name, I changed it for personal reasons, I don't like want it getting out there

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Kiritsun groaned in his math class, he didn’t bother listening for his step-dad would review everything and he’d end up getting what he learned, no point in learning the same thing twice. He felt a vibration in his pocket. It was his phone. He forgot about it since he was grounded for a while he just got it today, he looked at the notification, it was Yui!!! Yui was his child hood friend in Japan, they had a romantic relationship since the age of seven. “I love you, we haven't talked for a while, how are you?” Kiritsun read it, but didn't smile like he used to when he read things from Yui, he actually frowned, he was in love with someone else, and that was Ashy(Drew). He continued to frown and stared at the text, what was he to do.
He decided to type “I love you too… but not in the same way.” Then he pressed sent, this caused a lot of drama which caused him to have a mood drop, he then thought of Drew and then of Yui, Yui was there, Yui loved him no doubt no ounce of doubt Yui loved him. Drew…. Drew he loved Drew a lot, but he wasn't exactly sure how he felt towards him. This caused his mood to drop more.
Kiritsun sighed and ended up sniffling he wouldn't allow himself to cry though. He continued to think of Yui, Yui said she loved him everyday, whenever they were together she hugged him and wouldn't release, she would nuzzle into him and say I love you over and over again, till she was tired of talking. Drew, he loved Drew, he would always hug him and loved Drew being in his arms, also how warm he was, he loved Drew’s personality, but he wasn't sure…. he wasn't absolutely sure if they felt the same. Kiritsun thought, “what the hell am I thinking? Drew loves me, he loved me, no he loves me, he loves me, and he loves me.” He repeated in his head. “I can't let him go.”
Yui sent an image of her crying and Kiritsun felt bad, he couldn't hurt his friend. Once math was over he waited for Drew and was going to tell him what was going on but he couldn't because he didn't want Drew to think he changed how he felt about him. After socialising Drew decided to hug Kiritsun but he declined, started walking and Drew followed then Kiritsun separated and Drew said “bye” softly, Kiritsun said “bye” plainly.
He then thought, thought, and thought, “I love Drew, if I continue this I will lose him.” He ran outside of the school to where Drew was, he was talking to someone, so Kiritsun ran passed him and helped his friend, once he was done with that he talked to Drew, hugged him and said “I love you.” Because he did. At that moment he knew, that Drew had the potential to hurt him badly, really really badly, he knew that if he were to lose this person, something in him would change. So he thought as he held onto Drew, long and hard, and he knew he wanted to be with this person for as long as he could. As for Yui when Kiritsun walked back to the school, he explained that he couldn't be in love with Yui, causing Yui to say some harmful things, remember Yui, is Kiritsun’s childhood friend. He decided not to be romantic towards anyone for a while, but he was certain who he loved and he knew he made the right choice.
He asked a random teacher for a MacBook, logged onto Qfeast, and messaged Drew. That he wanted to be normal friends till he felt better. But let's be honest, Kiritsun would die for this person do you honestly think he’ll last a day being friend zoned. Nope.
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Lol there are some errors, I should've proof read it, guess I was to lazy
on October 28, 2016