Creepypasta Poetry

Creepypasta Poetry

Ok, this is some poetry I've wrote about creepypasta, obviously. Whether you think my poems are good or bad please do not leave any hate comments. This is just for fun so I'd rather only have positive criticism. If you have any requests or suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments or message me! :D

published on May 12, 201459 reads 34 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.
Encounter with Eyeless Jack

Encounter with Eyeless Jack

There is a man watching you as you sleep,
His scalpel pierces your skin,
You gasp in pain at the feeling,
You wonder why he’s committed this sin,

You open your eyes just a crack,
To see a silhouetted figure in black,
In his face falls his hair,
As he examines you with an eyeless stare,

Covering his face is a blue mask,
He sighs as he looks at your face,
The question is will he finish his task,
Or will he let you escape,

Slowly he pulled away the blade,
He wiped the blood on the sleeve of his jacket,
Something rustled around downstairs,
He jumped at the sound of the racket,

He leaned down to your ear,
And whispered something softly;
“You’ve survived Eyeless Jack.”

Then he jumped out your window,
And was gone with the wind,
You couldn’t help but hope,
That you’d never see Eyeless Jack again.
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I have no other words for that except wow
on October 23
on January 28, 2015
Wow! Great!
on June 28, 2014