Another School Day In The Life Of MikasPrincess

Another School Day In The Life Of MikasPrincess

Today was crazy, and because I like making these and too much happened to post on my wall, I decided to make another Day In The Life story. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.

People at my school! (Must read before continuing!)

People at my school:

MikasPrincess/Victoria - Me!

Twerking Bat Boy - This boy who once had to be a 'quickly dancing bat' in a Literacy lesson and he twerked in the teacher's face.

Haribo Girl - This girl who always eats Haribos in class. She's kind of nice to me.

SkyDoesMinecraft Girl - This girl I know who is SkyDoesMinecraft's biggest fangirl. We're kind of friends.

Lollipop Girl - This girl who is a bit of a fake Mika fan. She's always singing Lollipop and handing lollipops out to people.

Hair Colour Girl - You probably know about her from my last school day story. If you didn't read that one, she's a rebel who changes her hair every month. And she's HAVING A BABY. AND SHE'S ONLY TWELVE YEARS OLD. And the baby's dad is a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD BOY. Which sickens me.

Sore Arm Girl - Hair Colour Girl's best friend who once pretended to have a sore arm to get out of lessons.

Italian Boy - This boy who thinks he's Italian when he is NOT in any way. He likes to make fun of people.

Laughing Boy - This boy who laughs all the time. He has the weirdest, funniest laugh ever. He's really annoying, but he saved me on Challenge Day so I have to be nice to him.

Goldfish Girl - This girl who is REALLY rebellious. She throws tables at teachers, swears and wears way too much makeup. She's actually worse than Hair Colour Girl and Sore Arm Girl mixed together.

Bars And Melody Girl - This really popular girl who is a secret Bars and Melody fangirl. She doesn't know that I know, because I found out when I was searching people from school on Instagram.

Maths Girl - This girl I know who is OBSESSED with maths. We used to be partners in Maths all the time, but now I've moved classes so I only see her at break and lunch. She's cool, but her dad is a murderer, so she has a bad reputation.

Chicken Nugget Boy - This boy who is literally OBSESSED with chicken nuggets. He finds a way to involve chicken nuggets in EVERYTHING HE DOES.

Smoking Boy - This boy who smokes all the time, and he's ONLY TWELVE. He's always talking about smoking, and nothing else. It's disgusting.

Badge Girl - This girl who has a lot of badges on her bag. On normal days, she is a complete fake friend, but when I'm seriously stuck, she helps me. It's weird.

Human Copy Machine - You may know her as Emma from my story Darkness Falls. She's this girl who copies basically EVERYTHING I do. She cuts her hair like me, wears the same shirts as me and she gets the same levels as me. She's really annoying.

Phone Girl - This popular girl who is always on her phone. She is always yelling at people and she's annoying.

Gymnastics Girl - This girl who loves gymnastics and is always showing off because she has the highest level in trampolining. She is popular and she's best friends with Phone Girl.

Owl Boy - This boy who looks like an owl. His glasses are too big and he thinks he's cool when he isn't. He's a bit weird.

Now that you know everyone, enjoy!
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Comments (3)

Human copy machine is this girl i know at my school. I draw, she draws. I dyed my hair pink, (legit) she dyed her hair purple. IT MAKES ME SO MAD
Yeah, that's like the girl at my school. It's so annoying. :/
on June 08, 2015
on June 08, 2015
It sounds like it wasn't completely awful, like it usually is. 😊💜💙
on January 13, 2015