Best Water Sports Activities To Experience When In Singapore

Best Water Sports Activities To Experience When In Singapore

You’d rather be swimming in water than walking on land. Yes, we recognize you, you water baby.

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You’d rather be swimming in water than walking on land. Yes, we recognize you, you water baby. And for you, water sports are the next best thing after swimming. Rest assured that if you are on a holiday in Singapore, you definitely won’t run short of these.

Once you have had your fill of these water sports in Singapore, head over to Malaysia. Catch an express bus to let the tiredness wear off and hit the sea again. learn and get more knowledge about singapore in website <a href="">wikipedia</a>

Choose your pick from these exciting water sports listed below and have a splashing good time!

Jetlev: water-propelled jet pack is connected to a small motorboat that is equipped with a massive water pump to keep you airborne. All you need to do is strap the jet pack on your back, pay careful instruction provided by the certified instructors and then, up, up, away you go!

Kayaking: All the fun of rowing your way away from the hustle-bustle of main town Singapore and the benefits of an upper body workout too—kayaking is best enjoyed solo since the boat usually seats one. Tandem kayaks can accommodate a couple of more people.

Wake boarding: Rent yourself a board, let a certified instructor tell you just how you are supposed to skim the surface of the water in this adrenaline-filled sport, and you will be ready to try the ‘Superman on water’ trick.

Jet Skiing: Ride the waves atop this watercraft, either by yourself, or if you aren’t too sure you can maneuver the jet-ski alone, you can always opt to ride pillion.

Paddle Lodge: MacRitchie Reservoir’s calm waters allows for another kind of recreational activity: kayaking. Most go for sit-on-top kayaks, either as a double or single, and paddle in the ‘novice zone’. Closed-deck and sprint kayaks can also be rented, the latter of which is only available to those with at least a one-star certification. Be prepared to flex some muscles: paddlers are expected to carry their own canoes from the storage room in Paddle Lodge.

Fly Boarding: You can indulge into fly boarding at the Ola Beach Club in Sentossa. You will be air borne at about 30 feet above water and literally be flying in the sky. This is one of the most adventurous heart pumping and water propelling jet pack sports of Singapore. If you are first timer you do not have to worry either as there are several instructors to take care of you.

Wind Surfing: Wind Surfing activities are hosted by the NSRCC Sea Sports Centre. You can get the best of both worlds here but specifically sailing and surfing along side wind surfing. This is one of the perfect sports for tourists looking for some adrenaline rush by performing jumps, loops and spins on water at high speeds. The Sea Sports Centre will train you with lessons and guide before you embark on your adventurous journey. It will cost you about 20 to 25 SGD for a basic wind surfing course.
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