When You Are Foxy's Assistant

I am his assistant, so I am going to write what it is like! I hope you enjoy!

published on August 08, 201524 reads 8 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

The First Day

I just walked into Freddy Fazbears, not knowing what would happen. The moment I walked in, I saw millions of kids. Wow! I thought to myself. I saw four animals, and asked a worker what they were. "They are all of the main animatronics. The bear is Freddy, the bunny is Bonnie, the chicken is Chica and the fox is Foxy," The worker said to me. "Cool," I said back. When I looked back, Foxy was gone. I was worried. I saw the "Animatronics" singing. I didn't know what to do, so I walked into another room.

There was Foxy! I thought he escaped! Few! I went over and asked Foxy "Are you a pirate fox?" "Yes I am my mate! Argh! Wanta here me story?" He replied. "No thanks," I said back. "Arghk!" He yelled back to me when I went to another room.

"Ah!" I yelped when I saw a beaten up toy. Then I looked above the entrance. "Kids Cove" A sign said. I slowly walked up to the beaten up toy and asked what its name was. It said Mangle backwards. It makes sense! She sure is mangled up! If you know what I mean.

I went back to the Party Room. I ate some pizza. Then listened to the singing.
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Comments (1)

I will make more chapters, but I really want to do some other stuff!
on August 08, 2015