Moving a Life

Moving a Life

If you loved horses and you had the chance of a lifetime for any horsey person would you take it or would you stay with your old life?

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Chapter 1.

New Life

Sofie Jameston was a 12 year old french girl who was mad about horses she always though that she would take any chance she got to live with horses right next door at least until she had to make a hard choice..................
It was quite a warm day considering it was autum thought Sofie to herself as she walked beside Lucie on the way home from school "Hey see ya tommorow don't forget to bring that copy of the Magazine you said I could borrow!" said Lucie
"Yeah sure OK" replied Sofie she hadn't been herself today ever since her parents said they would need to alk to her after school all she could think of was bad, suddenly she realised she hadn't been looking and had nearly walked straight past her gate. She tried to look cool as she walked into the house and the kitchen her mum was sitting at the table with her dad.
" Sofie we have some news, your dad has been offered a job in England and he is going to take it. Sofie we know you have friends here though so we are giving you a choice you can either come with us and bring your horse Toffee or sell Toffee and go and live with your nan and carry on like you are now but without the horse you will have to choose by the end of the week so we can book the flight tickets after dinner we can tell you more about were we will live" sofie's mum smiled although secretly even she was trying not to cry but all she could say to stop herself was you'll be going home. It was a well know fact in their village Mrs Jameston had come from england were she had met Mr Jameston and got married and were he also broke it to her he live in another country and where she promised she would leave with him.  After a long talk with her parents Sofie had figured that she woud be moving to a farm/ pony club run by her parents she would be going to a posh school called Holly-Brooke Secoundry school for girls, where most the girls had their own ponies who entered shows at least once a week she realised it might be nice to move but now she had to tell Lucie What would she say they had been friends for ever so it would be hard to leave her what would she do?
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