Veoiable Elementary School

Veoiable Elementary School

a school for teenage pixies,witches,dragons,mermaids,leprechauns,princesses,magical warriors and trolls. training them to reach the expected rate of their powers.

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Chapter 1.
The Wild One

The Wild One

"I don't want to go " I said in anger and disappointment. I was the only elf in the whole of England going to Veoiable Elementary School.It wasn't fair, all my friends were going to be schooled personally but i had to go to some boarding school.My screaming and moaning didn't change my mums mind , I had to go.She dropped me of at the train station at about 6:30 AM and left me to fend for myself.At first I tried to talk to a group of dragons but they just teased me and called me a smelly tree branch,this angered me so I just walked away.It was time to get on the train, I sat next to a  troll called Bryon from my opinion he was not as i expected . Most trolls were ruff,mean and rude but he was gentle kind and very well mannered.He told me how his family had been taken out by a group of ogres,he was the only survivor so the school took him in.After a 6 hour journey we finally arrived,we went to assembly which took a whole hour and then at around 2o'clock  we had lunch.Boiled pigeon with fried cabbage,disgusting! I am so glad i got to share a room with Byron , my room wasn't that big because i shared it with a troll and a fire pixie called blaze.He was really cheerful but had a nasty temper but i usually cooled him down.My first week was alright but it had its downs, every time I would go to the toilet Matt and his dragon posse would give me a ultimate wedgie then I'll have to wait for help from blaze and Byron but that showed me who my true friends were.
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