The Last Fairy.

The Last Fairy.

Kayleigh Summers finds out she's the last fairy, However, in a world of Destruction and War, she's putting her life at risk to save everyone. If she dies, everyone's doomed. Will The Last Fairy survive?

published on May 14, 201430 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Prologue/Just to Get you caught up!

Prologue/Just to Get you caught up!

Kayleigh's POV
I was one of those girls who never believed in fairies, they never really appealed to me, I never wanted them in my life, until I found out I was The Last Fairy. With Fairy Hunters who are out to kill you around every corner, and you don't know how to transform, yeah, you're doomed. That's my Average Life. The Hunters cause Chaos to try and get me. Causing wars with South and North America, Europe and Asia are starting a war soon, Along with Australia and Africa, Soldiers are everywhere, roaming around, killing Men, Women, Children, anything that gets in their way.
I've managed to escape tons of times, The Fairy Hunters never stop trying to kill me. I've been finding myself taking shelter in nearby abandoned buildings and homes close to the center of the Continent. If I die, the Fairy Hunters win. Well, that's just to get you caught up!
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