short story: my war

short story: my war

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my war

“My blood covered hands had done deeds no man should have to do, unspeakable things…NO not unspeakable because I had to be the one who wrote a journal of my doings and here as it lies I must read it to find answers to my own questions of why I allowed myself to do these things, anyway as it goes I will speak it…”
“RU-“ “What was that”  I said nervously “I thought you said this safe house was impenetrable” “it is” I had lied, It was their first run after all, so they were scared. With my son with me it was a lot easier to fight…to kill…I felt like I was protecting him which made it ok for me to kill so many. “THEN WHAT THE HELL WAS THA-“ BOOM HE WAS SHOT, PVT STEVEN MARENKO HAD BEEN SHOT BY AN UNKOWN ENEMY “Oh my god, we need to leave” pvt Mitchell said “no I’m not leaving” I said reluctant to believe that my son was dying, none of the others knew he was my son I guess they overlooked the fact that we had the same sir name or maybe they didn’t care they just wanted to do their job and get the hell out of this worthless pit of a place.
“let’s go captain” he repeated “no I’m not leaving my son” I cried “GO I’M NOT LEAVING MY SON” I Pulled my rifle from my shoulder and steadied, ready for the fight ahead...ready to die to protect my son, I aimed my rifle to the door and cocked it then…BANG a massive crash was heard directly through the door and it swung off of it’s hinges smashing into the ground, I didn’t flinch, too hell-bent on protecting my son from who or whatever was on the other side of the door. Once the smoke cleared I saw drones and men all wielding guns. I let of a few rounds into one of the men and screamed “your not touching him” I shot more killing several others, their blood circling my body “arrrrrgghghhhh I…will…not…stop…” and I didn’t I couldn’t, the battle felt like it wouldn’t end, the enemies to strong, my ammo fell short to their sheer numbers so I decided to stop using bullets. I grabbed my son in a firemen hold and hauled ass to the vehicle bay where I got in a big jeep turned around and drove into the enemy horde, I swiftly jumped out of the car as it ran into the enemies when I shot the cars fuel tank with all the ammo I had in the clip, it exploded and killed almost all of the enemies which I assumed were the Korean army seeing as we were in korea doing illegal operations when more flooded in from the door. The numbers seemed endless “god damn it” I screamed angrily “they won’t stop” my son tugged at me and said “don’t worry dad just go” “NO” “Why not, I’m done for” “DON’T SAY THAT!” BANG BANG BANG I shot more. Knowing my son couldn’t be saved didn’t sadden me, actually it angered me…got me to fight I knew I couldn’t win so I grabbed my son to talk to him but he wasn’t moving so I ran! They were chasing me for so long. Ducking and diving I was trying as hard as I could to get away but the were just secreting out of everywhere like ants from a crack in the wall “damn it” I ran to dead end BANG BANG BANG “N-“

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