Qfeast Without Hetalia

Ok listen. I'm not trying to hate on people, I'm just writing a story to get me more reputation points. This is told by my point of view. This is not based on a true story.

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Chapter 1.


I woke up like usual. After that, I went on Qfeast. "Here we go again." I thought. "PointlessTalia in my news feed like usual."  But, when I got there, there was a message instead. It was from Qfeast and said this.

To ChloeTheAnimeOtaku,

The widespread fandom on Qfeast so-called Hetalia is no longer on Qfeast.

From, the Qfeast team.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was Qfeast going to be like? But, things took a turn for the worst. I lost 13 of my followers. I was down to 41 followers. Then, I realized, all those people are Hetalia fans!!! They must have left because of this. What was I, little Chloe, going to do?

I was always told to back off during these types of situations, but I would have usually disagreed with most of these fans. Seriously, what kind of nicknames are they giving these innocent people? Like one day, I'm gonna be saying "Hi my name is Chloe but I'm known better as Indonesia." Do they pull these people off the streets? Do you have to sign up for it? Do you legally have to be from a specific country to be "named" that country?
Like I said, this is just my opinion, but I will continue in Chapter 2.
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