The Bliss Description

The Bliss Description

This is a story about an average teenage girl who has a challenging life and a heart felt story...

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Chapter 1.


Hi I'm Emma and this is a story about me, not my friends but me.
It was a cold morning and I got up out of my bed and felt a pain in my back. I stared at my bed trying to find out what made me hurt but I couldn't find anything. I picked out a velvet white dress with a bow at the waist and lace at the bottom. Today, I was going to a wedding. My mom's wedding. My mom and dad had gotten divorced five years ago and she had been dating her boyfriend, Tim for two years now and he finally asked her to marry him. I sighed. Why does Tim has to have those dimples and shaggy light brown hair and bright sky blue eyes that my mom craves every day. I thought I was crazy when I decided to like Tim. We first met when I was 14 it was couple years ago and I remember his eyes meeting my moms, then Tim blushing and turning his back on us. I never would have thought he would end up marrying my mom though. Hey that's life for you. I guess I was too blind to notice that he loved her.

Not to brag but my mom is really attractive. She has long wavy dark brown hair that glistens in the sun and she has green eyes like the forest and she has a really good body to if you know what I mean. I guess I can’t blame Tim for loving her, but now that I’m 16, I guess understand it. As I walked over to the bathroom and started to brush my hair, I realized that I was standing in front of a full length mirror. I stared at myself, I have long wavy brown hair like my mom and I have sea blue eyes and full lips that always seemed like a was going to kiss someone, but there was one thing about me that I hated. I was flat chested so when I put on my bra I looked like a 7th grader, but overall my body was skinny, so I guess I was going to be ok. I tied my hair up in a bun and let some of my hair down in the front of my face so I didn’t look like a four year old.

When I walked down stairs my mom was wearing a beautiful tinted pink wedding dress that puffed out at the sides then draped down to the floor (which made her look like a princess), it had pearls and a bow at the waist that was pulled really tight so she would look really good. And she did look really good somehow I was jealous that she got to wear that beautiful dress. Just then I notice her vail, it had a diamond crown attached to it, then the vail flowed down to her toes like a waterfall. “Wow mom you look really pretty” “Thank you sweetie now how would you like to help mom into her shoes?” As I walked over to my mom I saw that she looked a little nervous. “Hey mom you know that you will be happy, right?” “Well of course I know that sweetheart” she smiled her bright white teethed smile. For some reason her smile always made me feel a lot better, when she smiled I felt like everything was just perfect and that nothing was getting on my nerves. As she took the glass slippers out of the box I just stood there, paralyzed by how beautiful they looked. They were clear beautiful glass slippers and they were in crested with real diamonds, it was truly amazing. “Wow those are really amazing” “Yeah I got them for a really good deal!” I was so happy for my mom, Tim is a pretty good guy and I really appreciate him for saving my mom from the deep hole that she was in for love.
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Going start reading dis. Brilliant :3
on December 08, 2014
Amuzing! So Cute! So Adorable! So Brave! A Work of Art! ~ Publisher Of "The Crucial Piece"
on December 07, 2014